Must Have Hair Accessories For College Girls

hair accessories

Everyone dreams of having beautiful and luscious locks. What make your hair prettier, are hair accessories. Having gorgeous hair is not enough; having the appropriate hair accessories is what completes your look. We bring a few must have hair accessories for your wardrobe.

Bobby Pins

Bobby Pins White                                       bobby pins

Bobby pins come handy when you have to hide a lock from being seen. When you are running late and have no time for styling your hair, you can use bobby pins and create a simple chic look within seconds. Nowadays, we have bobby pins in all ranges. You can go for stone studded ones for completing your party look or casual flower ones for everyday look. Bobby pins can be used in various ways, hence they are a must have in every girl’s wardrobe.

Hairstyle with bobby pins


Hair Ties

Clear hair ties

An absolute must-have in a girl’s wardrobe is a pack of clear hair ties. When your are not up for styling your hair, you can pull your hair up in a ponytail using a clear hair tie. Wrap a lock of your hair around the clear hair tie and you have the perfect college look. Or you can go for the following look

Clear hair ties hiarstyle

Not only clear hair ties, we have lots of colorful and fancy hair ties available in market. You can adorn hair ties that match your outfit too. There are tons and tons of hair ties at your reach. Go grab a few and create your look 😉

hair ties                                                Hair ties hairstyle


 Head Bands

Hair Band

There are days when you just don’t want your hair getting on your face. For days like these, there is a perfect accessory – Head band, also called as hair band. There are many types of head bands available, ranging from – thin to thick ones, cute flower bands to stunning jewelry studded ones, plain black color ones to hot pink ones. When you and your friends are going to the local fair and are planning on having fun, you can put on a head band  so that you can enjoy eating your cotton candy without your hair getting stuck on it 😛

Headbands Floral Headbands


 Head Chains

Hair Chain

Head chains are not used regularly, but they definitely make a fashion statement. A head chain gives you a sophisticated look and complements your hair and shape of your face simultaneously. Also, what’s great is that head chains are the latest trend.



 Hair Brooch

Hair Brooch

Hair brooches can be used both for weddings and everyday look. This accessory can give you the contemporary and upscale look. Hair brooches too are available in many varieties and colors.

Hair Brooch Hairstyle


Last but not the least – hats. Every one of us has at least 2-3 bad hair days in a month, some even more. During your bad hair days, don’t shy away from going out.You can forget about your bad hair and have fun when wearing a hat. Don’t think hats are out of fashion, nothing is out of fashion if you know how to perfect the look 😉 Pair your outfit with the perfect hat and you will have a care-free day, all day long. A hat is the ideal accessory to cover up those greasy roots and let your hair shine 😀

Styling a hat

Outfit with a hat


So girls, don’t worry about letting your hair down. There are many accessories to up your look. You have a range of looks to go for. Planning on going for the cute girl look? Grab a cute dress and wear a hairband with a bow or a flower on it for your hair, wear cute ballerinas for your feet. For the bold look, wear a head chain or a hair tie with spikes 😉 For every look you plan, there is a hair accessory to up the look. So, if you don’t have these must-haves in your wardrobe, go shop for them immediately.




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