“Nail it”- 6 DIY Nail Arts To Make Your Nails Look Fab !

” Nails are the period at the end of the sentence, they complete the look!”, a very apt and true statement  said by designer Prabal Gurung.

Beautiful nails are like the icing on a cake. They add that sweet & colorful flavor to your entire look.It is often said that any women can wear a great outfit, but its her nails that make the statement! And come on girls, we cant deny the fact that all of us keep staring and admiring our nails the day we get a manicure done, and flaunt them, and why shouldn’t we, we have all the rights in the world to do so..! 😉

So girls, here I bring for you, 6 easy yet sassy DIY nail arts, which will make you fall in love with your nails all over again.

Go evergreen dots.


As boring as it might sound, but making simple dots on your nails gives a nice fun look. Try different colors, sizes and patterns. Go wild with colors or use two contrasting colors to keep it simple. Use a bobby pin to achieve perfect dots as it might get a bit difficult otherwise.

Go ombre.


Bored with those single tone solid nail colors?! GO OMBRE! Pick any two of your favorite shades and just blend them together. After applying the base color, just take small quantities of both the color on a plastic sheet, mix them together with a toothpick and just dab it on your nails using a make-up sponge lengthwise and there you go, perfect ombre nails! Try one solid color and one glittered shade to add to the effect!

Go emojis.


This one is one of the most ‘fun-to-do’ nail art! Lets accept it gals, we all love our whats app emoticons and have a favorite one too! So why not paint them on our nails?! Apply any base color of your choice and paint your favorite emojis using a nail striper to make them more clean. You can also paint your nails yellow and make the expressions using a stripper to make it even more attractive. Finish by applying a top coat!

Go peacock.


Peacock feathers look very pretty on your well groomed nails. They add a very delicate touch to your entire look. Just paint your nails in any base color of your choice, (a nice green or a turquoise looks amazing), and paint these feathers using a black colored nail striper. Add gold glitter to enhance the look and give final touch by applying the top coat!

Go splattered.


As messy as it might sound, the splattered nail art looks really cool  and gives that edgy touch. Paint your nails with any color of your choice,  then cover the area around your nails with tape and then simply use straws to blow colors on your nails. Go as mad as you cam while doing this one to get the best results!

Go tape it.

scotch tape

This can be a really fun thing to do. Just use scotch tape to cut intricate designs and patterns and put them on your nail, and simply paint the remaining area. Use two or three colors to make the patterns look even more interesting!

So, Don’t you feel these are fun and easy ways to make your nails look absolutely stunning. Go, experiment and try as many beautiful and mad ways you can, and enjoy ‘showing-off ‘ your pretty nails! 😉

Have fun!


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