New Year Party Ideas For 2018

New Year is arriving sooner than we thought. If you are the host of this New Year party and need ideas to spice up your house party, here we are to give you a list of some really cool and unique ways in which you can be the host that everyone’s ever wanted.

1. Christmas Tree, Giant 2018 sign & Crazy themes:


Giant 2018 sign on your door will give a warm welcome to your guests. To add little fun, decide a crazy theme like tight and bright, high school stereotype, ABC, ugly sweater, futuristic, etc. Also try sending personal invites cards to your guests.

2. Candles, Vibrant lights & Confetti balloons: 

Big2-gardenlight   original_three-foot-confetti-ballonn    Candles-for-bedroom-Feng-shui

Dim your lights and flood the house with beautiful candles. Candles are not only cost effective but also create a romantic and sexy atmosphere. If you have an energetic personality and want to create a dynamic atmosphere then go with vibrant color Christmas lights and  confetti balloons.

3. Music:


Plan your music before hand so your guests can dance all night long. Ask your guests to give you their few favorite songs. Create a custom playlist with all of your guests’ favorites. You can also play retro songs to go back to your good old days.

4. Mini bar setup and Glow sticks ice bucket: 

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If you don’t have a separate bar in your house, you can always make mini bar by using your glass table and placing all your beverages and different cocktail glasses on it. You can also create a glow sticks ice bucket by simply adding glow sticks and ice cubes in a transparent bucket.

5. Finger food and Fondues:

slice-vegetarian     Screen-shot-2012-06-29-at-10.27.08-AM

Ditch spoons and folks and let your guests enjoy light finger food like pizza, chips and different appetizers while dancing to the beats. Place different fondue pots with best dips. It’s a change for people and help put something in their stomach toward the end of the evening. Make sure you have enough food and drinks on hand to be served the whole night.

6.Casino setup:

images  chips_1

You can rent casino games and create your own special “play money” or play with real cash!

7. Photo-booth:

32-photo-booth-prop-signs-adult-edition 51x9IIGJ9QL._SX300_ images (1)

Create a small wall space and click pictures with funny props and ‘one liners’ your friends use all the time. It’s funny as we are adults but we still love the traditional New Year’s Eve party items such as noisemakers, hats, tiaras, bows, and horns. Keep these items in a big decorative bowl and let people grab items as they wish.

8. Games:

images (2)

Games always add a fun element to any party. Classic games like New Year Resolution, Truth or Dare, Never have I Ever, Number 21 and Silent Santa will lighten up the party mood.

9. Sweet dessert: 


Sweet taste promotes happiness and cheerfulness. Surprise your guests with a big 2016 cake and let them sweeten their taste buds. You can also bake a cake and decorate with your own creativity.

10.Thank you gift:


Believe it or not, but pampering guests with a small Thank You gift will bring a smile on their face and also ,you will be in their good books throughout the year. These Thank You gifts can vary from a small card to an expensive gift.

So enjoy, twirl, dance, laugh, giggle, sing to the rhythm of 2018 and make it unforgettable!!!

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