New Year’s Resolutions: Know All About Perfumes

People don’t realise that a major part of their style statement is influenced by the way they smell. You can look stunning, or you can look drop dead gorgeous, but if you don’t smell right, it can be a massive throw off. People don’t want to experiment with fragrances and go on wearing the same perfume or deodorant for ages. Let’s change that this new year and let’s know our perfumes well.

Don’t bathe in your Perfume!


We see people spraying (or rather dousing themselves) in deodorants. Axe for men came up with a catchy slogan “Say Axe When You Spray Axe” to put forward the message that men don’t need to bathe in that deodorant to get a fragrance that tingles your senses. Replenishing every now and then is always recommended if you feel the need to do so. However overdoing it is a complete no-no.

Prefer perfumes over deodorants

Gaseous deodorants

Deodorants get rid of the sweaty stench. Perfumes make you smell in a certain special kind of way. A perfume’s scent is stronger and lasts longer as it isn’t just gas that evaporates with time. Secondly, a bottle of perfume would last longer because the amount of perfume you spritz is much less than you spray your regular deodorants. The longevity of the fragrance of colognes is longer than deodorants and they also have a stronger smell.


Perfumes dilute on the body and don’t evaporate


The best part of perfume, in my opinion is this: If it is a very strong fragrance, it dilutes a bit when you sweat and the subtle aroma that remains is very exciting to come across as it isn’t clogging your nostrils and it isn’t making you smell of rotten eggs either. It’s flirtatious and fun, especially if you’re getting cozy during a date.


Shop Wisely

Chanel Miniature Tester BottleCalvin Klein Gift Set









It doesn’t make sense if you go on and spend a massive chunk of your salary to invest in a bottle of Chanel Chance. It is better to own a set of classic Eau de toilettes to wear to special occasions. So, instead of investing in 100 ml bottles of each of these fragrances, buy gift sets or miniature tester bottles which come enclosed in a sort of booklet. It is comparatively cheaper and you can save these for the most special of special occasions. (Calvin Klein’s Eternity, Yves Saint Laurent’s L’Homme, Chanel’s Chance are my personal favourites)


Buy body mists instead!

Victoria's Secret- Such A FlirtVictoria's Secret- Aqua KissVictoria's Secret- Pure SeductionLayer WottagirlFendi Life EssenceAdidas Fruity Rhythm

Then, there are the cheaper perfumes like those by Victoria’s Secret. They offer a wide range from fruity, to floral to woody mist for you to choose from. “Layer” body-mists, Fendi’s Life Essence and Adidas’ mists for women are also very affordable changes that you can adopt.


In 2016, resolve to try and change the way you smell, for the sake of fun, for the sake of experimenting and for the sake of making an altogether different impression of yourself. So, go ahead, girls, choose a mist to make your misters dreaming about you longing for more.


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