Newfangled 2016: Men’s Fashion Trends

Every passing year sets new fashion trends and makes it memorable for the fashion industry, so did the year 2016 which brought some prodigious trends for men to follow. Though trends change with every passing year, 2016 has some cool trends which have the features to be lasting for a very long time. In a broad sense, fashion has made both the sexes fall prey; men equally follow and try to be as fashionable as possible.

This year’s trends and fashion statements are really chic, kickass, sexy and classy, all at the same time! Wondering how? Have a look, please!

  1. The Cuban Collar

These shirts are usually seen in movies worn by villains chilling near the pool, but now they have become a cool trend with their classic look and jazzy colors. Although they left a positive mark on fashion industry in the 50’s, they have come back again with their open and top notch style. So if you are bored with the same old fashioned shirts, try the Cuban collar! It is really kickass!

2. Jackets on Jackets

If only one jacket is a pain, then we have jackets and jackets coming up. This double layering has only one benefit- it enhances the way you look! There can be any types of jackets, a blazer, double breasted suit, denim jacket, bomber jacket or any other! See if it is comfy and go ahead with it. The trick is having the outer layer heavy and the inner one light. Not too sure how you are gonna handle that in summers, though.

3. Wide Legged Trousers

They might sound a little too ancient, but they have come into limelight again with many fashion Gods flaunting them again! Talk about Vintage dressing, eh? It is also a good way of keeping our legs free from the summer heat and letting the legs free. Wide trousers are here and you better put them on!

4. Bomber Jackets

Counted as one of the most comfortable jackets, Bombers are back from the 50’s again! They are now available in almost all colors and fabrics. They can be both casual and comfortable. Plus, they make you look so dope!

5. White Chinos or Trousers

Yesteryear’s star Jeetendra style White trousers are coming up again! They just look classic with dark colored shirts, brown shoes and same color leather belts. They exuberate confidence like nothing else! After all, white is the new black!

6. Guzzle Green!

If there is one colour on the fashion palette which often gets sidelined unjustly, it has to be green! The colour is absolutely flamboyant and with shades as varied as Bottle green, emerald, hunter green or the super chic mint green, we can just not get enough of it. Time to talk about fifty shades of green, bud!

7. Shorts Are Forever

If LBDs are forever for women, then men too have their forever piece of clothing! Nay, not suits. We are talking about shorts! Come to think of it, can you imagine your life without shorts? I can totally see you nodding your head in strong disagreement. Shorts go on and on with new add-ons and colors! This year, several fashion houses have brought some great designs and shades to make them interesting.

So, gentlemen, choose your pick. Don the best outfit. After all, why should girls have all the fun?

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