The Best 10 No Make Up look Products to have in our Makeup Kit

The no makeup look is one makeup trend which is creating a lot of buzz around the corner. It is too popular, these days. Well, the no makeup look is basically going for light and neutral makeup and looking effortlessly gorgeous. You must have read various articles or have seen various tutorials for the no makeup look, but here we bring for you ten items which you will need for the no makeup look.

1. Primer

no makeup look

Primer is essential to apply on the face before starting with the no makeup look. This reduces the fine lines and makes the face smooth and opens the pores. The primer gets perfectly absorbed in the skin and makes it ready for the makeup.

2. Foundation

no makeup look

The next very important thing is the correct shade of foundation. You must never go with a wrong shade of foundation, not even a difference of single tone is allowed. For the no makeup look, choose a foundation which is not heavy.

3. BB/CC cream

no makeup look

For those who don’t want to go for the foundation for the no makeup look, you can choose the BB or the CC creams. They are lighter than foundation and also applying it, is quite easy. They also radiate the magic equally well on the skin.

4. Concealer

no makeup look

Concealers are the miracle workers for the skin. They are super effective on the acne, pimples, blemishes, eye bags etc. They hide them in minutes, radiating a glowing and fine skin. Also, it helps in skin moisturization.

5. Wonder Sticks

no makeup look

We all find the contouring on the face very fascinating. Contours are very impactful in defining the facial features in the most beautiful ways. This stick is one of the easiest solutions to enhance the cheekbones and all.

6. High Definition Loose Powder

no makeup look

This makeup product comes in four shades and it sets the makeup very beautifully and also blends into the skin in minutes. It gives natural, even tones finish in just seconds. This is an underrated yet super effective product.

7. Highlighters for the No makeup look

no makeup look

This product is again a necessity to get the no makeup look. You can apply this highlighter on the nose, cheekbones, brow bones and the jaw lines to make it look defined and highlighted.

8. Blush

Yes, blush is very much required for the no makeup look. But, just a little bit and not much. The purpose of the blush is to get the flushed look on the cheeks. Make sure you apply so little that the color of it is not visible in just one sight.

9. Eye Brow Pencil

Fashion Brow Duo Shaper

The eyebrow is one of the sensitive and very important parts of the face, you have to put extreme focus on it to make it look very elegant. Brush the eyebrows with the eyebrow pencil in its natural shape. And with the pencil just fill in the spaces for the no makeup look and don’t go on painting it uselessly.

10. Rose Pink Lipstick

You can choose either the rose pink lips, pastel peach lips or the nude lips to complete your no makeup look. These are some of the lightest lip shades which compliment the no makeup look very well. Choose the one which you prefer.

These were some of the most important products you need for this effortless and gorgeous look. Having these in your makeup kit, you can flaunt the trendy no makeup look very well.




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