Nothing like Gold! – Styling Tips

Gold is the color bathed in sunlight, which shines like anything. This is the beauty of gold which dwells some magic onto the wearer and makes the look splendid. It has always captivated our hearts for the gloss and sheen in it and looks fabulous when worn. Not only the apparels but lot of embellishments, accessories, footwears and bags are available in the market which coax us to embrace all the glitter. So ladies, prep yourself for the glory you deserve and make your wardrobe a Goldmine.

Let’s know more about what our Goldmine deserves to hold:-


golden gown golden dress

These chic dresses can be worn for the prom, cocktail, disco night, and other happy occasions. Click Here to find the gorgeous dresses of gold.


golden saree golden saree

Wedding Season is around the corner, so grab some chic golden sarees and get admired. Click Here to see some gold embroidered pieces of rich silks and brocades of the divine sarees and accentuate your femininity.


golden lehengagold embroidered lehenga

No less than a princess attire, they are brimming with royalty, oozing out sophistication and Indian traditional aesthetics. Click Here to discover some great designs and get them customised.

Clutch & Slings

gold clutch gold sling

These are so versatile and fancy and can be teamed with both western and traditional wear.Click Here to buy your best-suited purse to match your attire.


golden stilletoesgolden block heels

Step in Gold and add a dash of elegance to your feet. It’s a high time to rush for it and lure. Click Here to curate the right product according to your dress type.

Watches and Bracelets

golden watch golden watch

It’s an hour of gold and time to rush for it! Truly golden is timeless and never go out of style. Add a subtle splash on your wrist with these delicate and ornate timepieces. Check Out the collection of beautiful watches.

Cuffs and Bangles

golden bangles golden cuff

Made to compliment most of your attires, wear this golden rock and feel the Midas touch. Click Here to buy your metallic lustre.

Earings and studs

golden danglers golden studs

Embrace your beauty and highlight your pretty appearance by wearing sparkling danglers and studs on your ears to oomph your style. Click Here to see the array of earrings to go with your dress.


golden neckpiece golden neckpiece

Take your look to completely another level and add a little sass by incorporating a golden necklace around your neck.Click Here  and get your shine on by selecting a stylish neckpiece for yourself.

Hair Accessory

golden hair pin golden tiara

Enhance your look by fixing beautiful tiaras on your hairstyle and feel like a princess. It looks really candid and elegant.Click Here to see some more amazing hair accessory.


golden ring golden ring

Look feminine and trendy by wearing golden rings for your fingers. You can team it with western as well as ethnic wear and be gorgeous. Click Here to find your reason to jazz.

Phone Covers

studded phone cover studded phone cover

Do it Yourself! Decorate your phone cover with golden studs and all the metallic material that add beauty to the gold. Click Here to find the base of the phone covers.


golden sunglass golden sunglass

Have a good feeling with gold sunglasses and give yourself an edgy look. Protect your eyes from harmful rays and be a glamshine for others. Click Here to look out the variety of sunglasses.

Hair Color

blonde hair color blonde streaks

Bored of the usual black locks? Coloring your hair blonde is truly worthwhile and will help you sport a different look. Click Here to find the different shades for the haircolor.


golden belt gold belt

Add a trendy touch to your overall appearance and accentuate your waist by wearing golden belts. It’s a must-have accessory for all the style conscious ladies out there. Click Here to select the right belt for your waist.

Anklet & Toe rings

anklet and toe ring golden anklet with toe ring

Give a gold luxe to your feets, wear complimentary anklets and toe rings to catch everyone’s eye.Click Here to find some skin friendly and stylish pieces.

All you Party Animals bling up yourself with either shimmery apparels or glitzy accessories, go your way but do keep in mind adding some golden accent or metallic lustre to your look is always good and the best thing is golden glim never goes out of trend.

Keep Calm, Wear Gold and don’t forget to tell me about your Goldmine 😉

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