Nothing Like Leather: Top 3 Brands

Leather is one the most versatile materials available, much alike the banana tree! We see leather everywhere – they make purses, handbags, shoes, clothes, belts, watch straps, wallets, you name it they make it. Experts claim that there are two types of leather products; one for extravagant customers who want the finest and costliest leather in the world and the other kind just want cool, unique and indie kind of products. Here are a few leading fashion houses in the world and their leather clothes lines that caught everyone’s eyes:



It’s one of the most versatile and famous brands in fashion. Michael Macko, fashion director at Saks Fifth Avenue says “That red and green stripe is some of the most iconic luxury branding ever created, and people want a piece of it.”


Gucci suede trench coats and bomber jackets have always been the most famous of their leather line always. In the case of women products, their popping eye candy clutches ad shoulder bags are the most famous of them all. In colours of hot pinks, vibrant reds, matte blacks and the famous Gucci backdrops, these purses are haute fashion!

Gucci-Suede-Trench-Coat-With-Removable-Shearling-Lining-2gucci pink clutch


Ralph Lauren:


One of the most well known brands of clothing around the world, Ralph Lauren has one of the most prominent leather lines. They introduced the Polo Ralph Lauren which is a chic yet casual series of jackets, coats, parkas etc… in various material and stitches. However, the leather biker jackets and leather western jackets have caught everyone’s eyes. In the women’s department, anything with the signature RL logo has always been a best seller, because it is a surety of the quality. This attestation is further verified by what Ralph Lauren himself said once, “I don’t design clothes, I dream clothes”. But since we are talking about leather, you should totally check out the suede leather collection! The special edition is a caramel coloured suede leather clutch with a sleek shoulder strap with a gold toned RL.

rl biker jacket rl suede cluches




Moving east, Burberry is an iconic British brand well known for its luxurious products. Their women’s leather trench coats, are according to me, the most fashionable things a lady can wear. They come in only black and deep brown colours, but are have an amazing sleek cut and an eye catching bow around the waist. For men, the Prorsum line, offers more of a variety. Trench coats of various leather materials and cuts can be found. Specifically, the cashmere bonded leather trench coat has been a bestseller. They have a wide lapel and buttons far apart which make it visually very appealing! Aaron Paul once said, “I’m just in love with Burberry. Always have been, always will be.” Maybe you will fall in love too!

burberry cashmere bonded trench coat burberry women trench coat

Now, I hope I have made you fall in love with versatile leather clothing! Now go out there and find your own poison!!

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