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I hope everyone is having a wonderful week so far! Guess what just happened today? I was just packing my brothers Tiffin box and when I looked up I saw my dad with a big box. I asked him what it was and he told me “open it; it’s your pre-birthday gift from mum”. So I opened the box and found out that it’s a beautiful collection from The Body shop! 😀 I felt so great and happy. How sweet and thoughtful she is! I consider myself very lucky, because my mum is the most fantastic and sweetest person ever, who’s always helping me out, whenever she can! <3 No need to say that I couldn’t wait till tomorrow. I took it and it just filled me with happiness just by looking inside it. Few were my favorite which mum had got me this time and there was also a new set of The Body Shop products.  

Surpriseeeeeee 😛

SATSUMA BODY SORBET (Rs. 795-200 ml)

SATSUMA BODY PUREE (Rs. 695- 250 ml)



  SATSUMA BODY SORBET– An instant cooling sensation for all day hydration. The fragrance!!!! I am in love with its smell. I love the fact that your skin feels silky, smooth and moisturized in just a matter of seconds. This silky-soft moisturizer hydrates and refreshes skin with a Lightweight texture formula. SATSUMA BODY PUREE– This is a smooth body puree that glides on to my skin. It retains the moisture throughout the day along with an extremely beautiful fragrance. I always prefer a body lotion over the body butter. INDIAN JASMINE BODY LOTION– It keeps my skin smooth and soft for a long run. It’s not at all sticky. I use it both day and overnight to keep smelling good. This is a God-sent! The creamy lotion gets absorbed into the skin completely, leaving the skin hydrated and fresh. FIJIAN WATER LOTUS FRAGRANCE MIST–The Body Shop is well known for their great-smelling products. This mist is all about “Cooling and refreshing. I am using this product for the first time and trust me it’s totally win-win happiness for me. It’s totally amazing. I am in love with this fragrance. new blog4  

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I hope you’ll enjoy the pictures anyway!

P.S – Moms know best how to cheer their daughters up. Unparalleled care and that bond of affection! Making the world an abode of love and perfection.

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