Office Wear Jewellery Pieces To Make Your Workplace More Fun

Office space can be really stressful, at times and if you’re a woman, the situation is probably worse for you. Thanks to all the mansplaining! But that doesn’t mean you should stop being as awesome as you are at your workplace! Claim your space and while you’re at it, why not add some fun to it as well? We’ve got a few ideas for some office wear jewellery that will make you love your office look even more!

1. I Like Big Hoops And I Cannot Lie

Big hoops have been in trend for a while now and we don’t see the fashion dying out anytime soon. In fact, you can opt for other oversized earrings as well, in shapes like a rhombus or a star, for that matter. We suggest going for a medium sized earrings for office as you would be wearing them for around 9 hours and you don’t want your ears to cry after work!

2. Magic In Your Fingers

While you’re tapping fingers all the day on your laptops and computers, why don’t have something beautify them further so that you have a nice view? We’re talking about mid-rings. They’re sleek, stylish and oh-so-contemporary and hassle free. Practically weightless, mid-rings can be your perfect office wear jewellery!

3. The Only Kind Of Stud You Need In Life

Every office has that one stud boy who is just enough to ruin your mood. You know that category of men who think they are too smart by the mere virtue of having a certain genitalia. Ladies, do not put up with them as the only kind of stud you need in life are stud earrings. Opt for chunky stud earrings as they will complement your otherwise plain white or blue shirts of office really well.

4. Embrace The Bracelet

Bracelets are heavily underrated! They can make or break your look in a second. Plus, there is so much to experiment with, when it comes to bracelets! You could go for a sleek one, a cuff, a chain one, or even one with some cute charms to remind you of your life outside office!

5. Nail It With The Nose Pin

Nose pins give you a sassy look like no other office wear jewellery piece! Depending upon your personal style, you could for a bigger or smaller design. The antique looking ones are perfect for some sassy style statement, while the ones with stones are our evergreen and favourite options. They go with every single outfit!

Ladies, make your workplace fun with these office wear jewellery pieces and as Goddesss Riri says, “Werk, werk, werk, werk, werk!”


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