I’m so tired with these long and hot summer days! Oily skin goes into overdrive mode during summer and it becomes so difficult to score shine-free skin. Oily skin can take you through tough times so first you should know the source. Oily skin is caused due to the over-production of sebaceous glands, which produces sebum and ultimately causes acne, blackheads, whiteheads, pores and more. People with oily skin get frequent breakouts and have a greasy appearance. I know it’s difficult to manage oily skin but there are several solutions for handling this problem and keeping the shine at bay as the temperatures rises.



DO’S AND DON’T -Here are the top make-up tips for the oily skin, Follow up the makeup routine and the only thing that will shine is you!

1.DRINK WATER– Keep yourself hydrated by drinking at least 6-8 glasses of water per day.

2.EXFOLIATE-  It is important to do this first and foremost before starting anything!

3.WATER-BASED COSMETICS- Use water-based cosmetics or look for “oil free” products because you don’t need any extra oil like people with dry skin do. Also avoid damp makeups as it directs to clogging up of pores.

4.PRIMER- Try putting up the make up in a way that is best for oily skin. Before you apply oil free foundation first grab a primer and apply it over your face.

5.USE BLOTTING SHEETS- Pat your face with blotting sheets, as they are great to keep throughout the day and are really handy. This way you can remove oil without damaging the makeup.


6. MAKE-UP REMOVER- Don’t forget to remove your make up everyday. Use a baby wipe, or an oil-free makeup remover. Wipe off all the makeup and wash your face.

7. TEA TREE PRODUCTS- Tea tree oil has antiseptic properties, which helps to kill bacteria that cause acne. Apply one drop of tea tree oil in the affected area. Repeating the application for three times a day will give you an effective result.

Try making Homemade face packs. It will help you treat oily skin effectively than going to a beauty salon which is so expensive these days. Facials, when followed up at regular intervals will result in smooth and glowing skin without any effect of oiliness.

1.ALOE VERA PACK- Aloe Vera has an amazing anti-inflammatory property and also the power to soothe your skin. Using this remedy will surely reduce your problem within a few days. They also help in removing the scars that remain mostly after the acnes dry out.

2.BESAN PACK- Besan is best for oily skin as it removes excessive oil from the skin. Mix it with rose water and use it regularly.

3.EGG-WHITES- Egg White can effectively dry out skin blemishes. Try whipping egg white and apply it on your face. Wash it off with water and feel fresh.

4.CLAY MASK- Use clay mask once in a fortnight as it absorbs excess oil from the skin. Mixture of rose water, sandalwood paste and fuller’s earth can be used as a face pack for oily skin.


As autumn approaches, mercury is soaring high again. It is important to keep yourself hydrated to tackle the heat and also to get that natural glow.

P.S – You are what you make of yourself. Radiate confidence and invade the world with your smile and charm. Be sassy!

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