One Week Beauty Regime For Bride-To-Be

The wedding bells are ringing away and you have so much to do! From planning the venue decor and getting the caterers ready, there are a million things on your mind. With all this havoc and panic, you must not forget to give your body and skin the attention it needs. One week beauty regimes are great if you’re stressed out (which I bet you are), because it will give you the relaxation and calm that you desperately need. And if you’ve got everything under control, then you could totally use this as an excuse to pamper yourself. It’s definitely a win-win, isn’t it?)

bridal makeup wedding rings

1. Day One:

cucumber eye pack exercise for brides

Exercise. It will sharpen your mind and make you feel great. Exercising everyday of your last week will leave you fresh and prepared for your wedding day. Drink a lot of water- it will have you hydrated and it’s great for your skin. For puffy eyes, sleep is the answer. If that doesn’t work, try a cucumber eye pack.

2. Day Two:

bridal face mask facial

This is the day for facials and face masks. Avoid laser treatments, injections and chemical peels. Also avoid cutting or colouring your hair at this stage as there might not be enough time to fix it if anything goes wrong. Like the first day, exercise, sleep and drink loads of water.

3. Day Three:

exfoliate hair masks

Exfoliate, exfoliate. This will get rid of dead and flakey skin, and also have your makeup looking great. Use some hair masks which are natural but try to step away from packaged ones. Also try to cut back on caffeine and alcohol as they cause water retention and cause puffiness.

4. Day Four:

bridal waxing clear face

Three days to THE DAY. It’s time to book your waxing appointments. Even if your skin reacts badly, you know you have enough time to recover from the same. This is also a great time to use face masks if you feel like you need one. Again, try to go all-natural.

5. Day Five:

hot massage kylie jenner

A long, hot massage will do wonders for your mind. Condition your hair for lovely thick locks as washing it just before your wedding can have it looking frizzy and flat. You can use salt scrubs for softening your elbows if necessary, and start wearing lip balms with SPF to ensure that they are well hydrated and moisturised.

6. Day Six:

mani pedi rose bath

Start your last day of being single with a warm bath with rose petals and scented candles. This is a lovely start to your day and it’s bound to make you feel amazing. Moisturise your body and get your final mani-pedis with the right nail colour and be sure to enjoy them. Go to bed early and get your beauty sleep, girl!

7. Day Seven:

bridal makeup 1 bridal makeup 2

This is it. The special day is here! Start it off with a light and healthy breakfast, use a gentle exfoliating mask and give yourself three long hours to get ready. Remember to remain calm, breathe and most importantly, have a blast.

Congratulations, beautiful bride!

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