One Week Skin Care For The Groom-To-Be

All the energy and hassle that goes into planning a wedding, it is easy to lose the ability to see what it is all about, you are making it official with the love of your life, isn’t this just so amazing?  Just a mere thought of it can be really exciting. The months and weeks before your big day can be a stressful yet great time in your life which you will always remember. The simple secret to that  wedding glow besides the beautiful bride standing at the end of the aisle, giving your skin a good night’s sleep, to leave all those thoughts behind you and have a good skin care regime. Taking care of your skin is a must to ensure the end results are satisfactory to both bride and groom.



1. Know Your Skin Type


The first step is always to know your skin type. If you really want to get your skin in top form, you’ll need to start a smart skin care routine and to know whether it is oily, rough, sensitive or dry and once you establish this then comes the next step. You can start with your beauty regime.

2. Slumber Pamper


The most important one that is going to play a key role is a good sleep. A good sleep is also going to play a big role for a groom to get rid of tired eyes and dark circles. Get at least eight hours of sleep every day.  When you rest, your skin works overnight repairing damage, replenishing moisture.

3. Daily Skin Care


Cleansing, toning and moisturizing are the most important components of any beauty treatment. Wash your face daily with a good face wash, preferably one that is moisturizing. You may want to select it according to your skin type. Wash your face at least twice in a day.

4.  Goodbye Stress

Justin-Theroux-on-the-set-of-The-Leftovers-filming-in-NYC meditation-man-outdoors-400x400

Do not over stress yourself, as this is bound to have an effect on your skin as well, but try to avoid that, Indulge in regular meditation for at least 15-20 minutes everyday, this is one way to get over stress. Exercise, like walking, jogging, skipping or aerobics, on a regular basis. It will help make you fit for the wedding day and also improve the blood circulation.

5. Water Therapy


Drink a lot of water. Drink 10 to 12 glasses of water every day to help rid your body of toxins and it will also keep your skin hydrated.

6. No More Movember

PAY-Calum-Basktott Gillette-Series-man-aug-10 (1)

You might have to shave your beard too, as sad as it might sound, but you will have to do it  and you have to take care of it as well. Before shaving, use a face-wash to clean your face. Thereafter, shave off the beard and wipe your face with a toner. Finally, apply a bit of  aftershave on the beard and mustache area.

7. Eat Clean


You will have to be very selective with your diet also. A proper balanced diet is all you need after all you are the groom. Choose fruits and vegetables, and include a multivitamin capsule for overall nutrition. Olive oil, fish, watermelon, carrots and green tea are the secret to healthy skin.

8. Facial Love

Portrait of man with clay facial mask in beauty spa.

A few months before the wedding, start going for facials. Your wedding is the perfect excuse for some extra pampering. Once in a month would be the ideal frequency for you. Do make sure to get at least one facial 2-3 days before the wedding. Your facialist gets all the dirt out of your skin pores and your skin starts to look refreshing.

Just remember when you are there on the stage amidst all the fun, the noise, the hassle, the laughter and the celebrations, be sure to have a look at that person with whom you are pledging to spend the rest of your life and do take that moment to look into her eyes and tell her the same. Then all you got to do is to remember to remain calm, breathe, and, most importantly, have fun.


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