Organic Brands to Invest In

We’ve all heard that the closer we are to the nature the better, for our body and our soul. Well, I can’t expect you to bathe in the Himalayas and get rejuvenated but the most we can do with our hackneyed routine is by investing in these organic brands which have the best of nature’s abundance in their products.

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We have the best organic brands from India to invest in.


Himalaya Herbals

Himalaya Herbals Reviews 12

I guess we all have used Himalaya’s products back in our teens. Himalaya Herbals have a wide range of products from beauty to hair to skin. My personal favourite is Clarina which is a God’s blessing for acne breakouts.


Forest Essentials

f essen

One of our favourites with aromatic spa like products. Their body scrubs, lotions, mists and lip butters will rejuvenate your body to an extend.



Khadi Naturals



This is an all natural brand which exports to a lot of countries and if you want to switch to an all natural life then you should switch to Khadi. They have an amazing range of sheer butter lip balms and all ayurvedic face packs.




My personal all time favourite organic brand. It’s face washes and body oils are soothing and relaxing. Give it a try-they are even budget friendly!

Nature’s Co


They offer refreshing face washes and scrubs. They give a highly rejuvenating and luxurious experience to their customers.


Blossom Kochhar

blossom kochhar


It has aromatherapy products which are budget friendly and encompasses all fields of body care.

Now you know where to shop to make your body feel pampered. Go ahead and enjoy the organic ride!

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