Oscars 2015 | Who Rocked and Who Shocked?

In the list of award ceremonies that are severely scrutinised by fashion enthusiasts (if there exists such a list), the Oscar Awards Ceremony definitely ranks number 1. The award season is only as good as the perfectly dressed stars. Fashionistas, you agree, don’t you? An estimated 37.3 million people were glued to their screens as the Award ceremony began and the stars walked the Red Carpet. Everyone who was anyone was present and viewers around the world indulged in the glitz and glamour that was Hollywood’s biggest night. Needless to say, fashion critics had the time of their lives too. As much as we’d like to give you blow by blow details of everything Oscar, there’s so much to review, so little time. But do not fear! Here’s a quick take on what we thought of the stars and their outfits: who rocked and who shocked?

From the good….



After a spell of black dresses, Jennifer Aniston finally embraced colour- and how! She looked effortlessly stunning in Atelier Versace. She kept the accessories to a basic minimum as the dress in itself spoke volumes. That Aniston is an absolute show stopper even at the age of 43 is no new news. It’s left to you to decide if the dress made her look good or she made the dress look good.


emma stone

Emma Stone wore Ellie Saab to the big night, and boy, did my jaw drop. The choice of colour is extremely flattering to her skin tone. I especially liked how the high boat shaped neckline goes with the length of her hair. The thigh high slit is subtly sexy, and proves that one doesn’t need to show too much skin achieve that. This dress is definitely one of my top favourites!


x700 (1)

The actress presented herself in Thakoon at the red carpet. The dress isn’t very powerful. It’s elegant, but the big question is- is it Oscar worthy? She’s received a lot of flak for how… safe the look is. However, I’m all for it. The colour in itself is beautiful, and one of my favourites. I think that cinched it, in my case at least. The gown has a beautiful flow to it. The silver/diamond toned neckline is in complete sync with the Norman Silverman diamond earrings and adds just the right amount of pizzazz to the look. It’s pure understated elegance at its best.

… to the ‘meh’


x700 (2)

Although I love JLo and think this dress by Elie Saab is a work of art on its own, I don’t think the two play well together. The colour of the dress is a bit too understated. A darker colour would have brought out a contrast with her skin tone, instead of looking like she was the same shade all over. JLo clearly loves her plunging necklines but we all have to admit, it’s getting a little stale. Though we would have liked something more eye catching, she (we all know this, but I feel forced to reiterate) looks beautiful. That she is this ravishing at the age of 45 is giving me (and a number of other women) a huge complex.


x700 (3)

The 50 Shades of Grey star appeared on the Red Carpet in a Saint Laurent column dress, and although the bright red goes extremely well with her skin tone, there’s something awry with the entire outfit that I can’t seem to put my finger on. I think it has something to do with the fact that the dress looks like one of the straps has fallen off, to put it bluntly. Or that it’s very unflattering on her belly. I would like to appreciate her silver toned accessories and red lipstick- complements the dress, on its own, perfectly.



I think this time netizens got one up over the fashionistas when it comes to critiquing an outfit- the number of memes and comments about Lady Gaga’s outfit on the internet is too high. The custom Azzedine Alaia gown was definitely not a showstopper, and the sleeves don’t do much to flatter her. The hair I’m not too happy with either- both colour and style make her look washed out. And as for the gloves, it’s just another Lady Gaga special. Pushing pop fashion boundaries? Edgy outfit? I’m not too sure. I’ve got to hand it to her though- the woman knows exactly how to attract attention and set the internet abuzz. Enough said.

*photos from Oscar.go.com



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