Outfit check: Peach and Blush

If peach and blush only makes you think of baby showers, tutus and bridesmaids, then it’s about time you reconsidered. Not only are they two of the most flattering colors on the human body, but they bring out the best on any skin tone. About 80% of designers all over the world have agreed that these worn down versions of orange and pink are their go to colors when in doubt. This comes as no surprise, since you can practically wear these shades from head to toe, and still, look like a million bucks! These colors are also great for transitioning into summer and should be a wardrobe staple for you. So here’s a list to show you why you just have to have these pastels in your life:-

1. Pair it with black and it always looks elegant

jessica alba wearing peach and black

Twinning peach and black never goes wrong. It is one of the safest combinations you can choose, when not in the mood to dwell over what to wear.


This combo even looks good when paired with some denim like distressed jeans. Finish off with some earrings and other accessories with a peachy undertone.

peach and black


2. But you can still look sexy

rihanna in a blush outfit

Yep. That’s right. Wearing light pink or blush does not flash timid, but instead can be made to flaunt bold and sexy. The fashion kingdoms queen, Rihanna, shows us just how to do this.

 3. It’s subtle enough to wear from head to toe

head to toe in blush

Like I mentioned earlier, this is one of the most interesting yet useful effects of the colors peach or blush, or even any shade of this hue.


You can harmlessly pull off any look without cracking your head, worrying about what color your shoes should be. So go ahead and immerse yourself in this fantastic tint.

head to toe in peach

4. Want to go frilly? Blush is you color

selena gomez wearing a frilled outfit

Over sized frills and bows look best in blush. Since frills are generally embossing, having them in such lighter shades makes it more pleasing to the eye. Pair it with some diamond string earrings and you’re ready to hit the red carpet.

5. Makes your sweatshirt look stylish

blush sweatshirt

There’s no question that a sweatshirt is one of the most comfortable pieces of clothing invented. But it is also one of the most unfashionable outfits in your wardrobe. But this picture shows us otherwise.

6. Nail the feminine yet edgy look

blush coat with studded jeggings

It’s true that pastel colors like peach and blush are often related to femininity, but it needn’t be so. These colors can be made edgier, and it all depends on what you pair it with. Coupling it with some studded jeggings or stilettos will help you nail this look.

7. Flaunt your inner nomad

flaunt your inner nomad

Unleash your inner traveler by mixing peach with white. It’s classy and relaxed. Add in a little sparkle in you sandals or put in some animal prints on your shades or handbag.

8. Girl next door

girl next door 2

Unbridle your girl next door vibe by sporting this age old combo of light pink with white. Floral or dangly earrings are perfect for finishing off this look.



  girl next door 1

9. Your best friends wedding

peach and lavender

You just can’t decide between two pastel dresses to wear for a wedding. Why worry when you can wear both. This season the combination of peach and lavender is one of the top picks for bridesmaids and guest dresses. There’s something so unique yet so alluring about this blend, that you’re sure to have heads turning.


10. Makes you look deliciously stylish

pistachio and peach

No. You won’t look like your wearing macaroons. Even if you do, who doesn’t like macaroons right? Lovable and charming is what the pistachio and peach concoction is.

11. Blush away your Monday morning blues

blush away your monday morning blues

Beige, black and grey have been the quintessential corporate staple since like forever. It’s time to add a little color to this boring brew and you can do it subtly yet with emphasis, by popping in some peach and blush in varying intensities.

12. Helps you get the perfect resort look

the resort look

The fusion of peach and sea green or sapphire blue just screams out confidence and high street style. Just what you want if you’re holidaying in style.


With so many choices to play around with these colors, it’s a must that you should have at least one attire in this hue in your wardrobe this season.

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