Outfit Check: Powder Blue

What’s the one thing in common, between Taylor Swift and Kate Middleton? The favorite color of both of them is powder blue. And like all of us, they both love dressing up in their favorite hue! So, why not give powder blue a chance this season and you might just have a new go-to color.

Powder blue and white

Blue and white are one of the best combinations that exist. It’s timeless, classy and subdued. Give the look a little perk by choosing new variants of the hue like florescent powder blue or a more sober, baby blue.

Blue and white

Powder blue and silver

For a more sophisticated and modern look, pairing this adorable color with your favorite silver or platinum jewelry is a good option. Just be careful to stick to a maximum of two colors so as not to overdo it. Keep it simple and sexy!

Blue and platinum


Powder blue and blush

This oh-so-yummy concoction is good enough to eat! This season, throw in a little bit of subtle pinks and peaches with your best powder blue dress. Kangana nails this look to a T along with her mother-of-pearl necklace and nude pout.

Blue and blush


Powder blue and khaki

If you thought this mix was only for guys, think again. Ladies, this blue should be your new black! Along with khaki, it exudes effortlessness and charm and is flattering to most silhouettes.

Blue and khaki


Powder blue and nude

Almost all pastel colors go well with nude or beige, but there’s something unique when it’s powder blue with the lovely nude. Add some sparkly accessories like a beaded hairband, statement rings or even some gold earrings for some extra punk.

Blue and nude


When it comes to powder blue or any pastel color, Kate Middleton does it best. Take her bold and leggy powder blue Jenny Packham dress for instance, the princess of Cambridge totally does justice to her favorite color.


Powder blue and grey

Move over your daily black and beige work outfits and give your wardrobe a makeover with this ultra chic combo of powder blue and grey. Not many shades can pull off the corporate and girly look as well as powder blue and grey.

Blue and grey

So, even if you’re a high school teacher or the GM, you must not give these shades a miss!

Powder blue and black

Reds and yellows are not the only colors that can heighten the oomph factor of your LBD. Powder blue does the job just as well, if not better. It could be your stilettos or your handbag or even your hair accessory that’s powder blue. Whatever it is, you’ll surely make a statement with this shade.

Blue with black



Powder blue and marsala

What happens when the color of the year and the color of the moment join hands? Sheer magic! Dare to give this look a try, anyone?

Blue and marsala

Blue with marsala


Powder blue and yellow

Be it canary yellow or turmeric, powder blue brings out the best in both. It could be just a bag with your yellow outfit or a little blue dress like Miss Swift’s here that she’s adorned with a lunch bag style turmeric handbag.

Blue with yellow


Powder blue and red

Zooey Deschanel has rocked this look various times in her show ‘New Girl’ and we have all loved it every time!

Blue with red


Taylor stuns the fashion police yet again with another powder blue number, but this time she pairs it with a bright red pout and a grey umbrella. So, I say it’s time to bring out our good girl charm this monsoon with some powder blue and red.

Blue with red 2


Powder blue and mint green

To channel the true Parisian style, let some powder blue and mint green combinations into your closet. These lovely macaroon-esque shades are sure to melt any heart.

Blue with mint green


Powder blue and brown

Just like powder blue and grey, powder blue and brown too is a hot corporate camaraderie. Powder blue blazers, statement necklaces and even sweatshirts are trending right now, combined with well-tailored pieces.

Blue with brown

Blue with brown

Powder blue for bridesmaids

Powder blue has been a wedding favorite for a long time now that most people think it’s ‘too common’ like pink or the other pastel shades. But recently for her sister Nicky’s wedding, socialite and model, Paris Hilton brought powder blue back on the charts with a smashing floor length chiffon gown by Dennis Basso. Doesn’t she look just lovely?

Powder blue bridesmaids dresses

Powder blue with other shades of blue

For a casual look, layer up with different hues of powder blue. Be it lighter shades like baby blue, sky blue, corn flower blue or darker palettes like navy blue, midnight blue or even black, the trick is to get many shades of the underlying color to gel together into one look.

Powder blue with various shades of blue

Kate Middleton rocks her favorite color yet again by pairing her Alexander McQueen powder blue coat dress with pumps and clutch in a darker shade of blue.


Kate middleton in a powder blue coat dress

It’s pouring outside and there’s nothing like some blue to chase away those monsoon blues ?. So all you divas out there, go ahead and give powder blue a try!



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