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health tips for women

5 Health Tricks Women Will Love

Want to know the secret to a happy and healthy life? Well there isn’t just one, there are five! Pay attention as we tell you how to get the perfect and beautiful skin to becoming a happier and healthier version of yourself. Here are 5 health tricks women will love. Live by them for a […]

Pointed Heels

A Complete Style Guide To a Pear-Shaped Woman

In today’s world, sizes don’t matter anymore! All that matters is the shape of the person and how well they carry themselves. Zero sizes or the anemic dull stick figure looks are no-matter in. Psst! Have you not heard that it’s all about the bass? Whether the song suits other body shape or not, pear […]


Dress the Greek Goddess in You

If you’re one of those people who like to according to their personality, then this is the post for you. And if you’re a fashionista who’s also a budding psychologist, you’re in luck- this post is right up your alley! Greek goddesses are legendary, and their personality types are also quite famous (or infamous, in […]

3 Reasons Why You Should Buy A Kurti Online

3 Reasons Why You Should Buy A Kurtis Online

Kurtis are considered as one of the best type of women’s clothing.  They are a piece of clothing, which can make a woman most attractive and stylish yet be very comfortable to wear all day long.  The market today has various kinds of kurtis, of different lengths, designs and cuts. These include anarkali kurits, short […]


10 Products To Regain Your Baby Skin

Having a great skin is a substructure of beauty and having a flawless skin multiplies your appearance. But, It’s really burdensome to maintain your baby skin. It is evident that certain skin products can harm your skin rather than making your skin healthier. You must be careful and aware before letting your hands on a […]


Jamaican Retreat: Indulge in luxurious vacation in Jamaica

Not a conventional vacation spot, yet a lovely island country for vacationers who are looking for some beachside fun, Jamaica offers to you the best of both worlds. When planning your holiday in Jamaica, it is best to live like a local choosing to reside in the luxurious houses for rent in Jamaica. This Caribbean […]

First Bra

The Right Way to Initiate your Daughter to First Bra

One of the most embarrassing phases all girls go through is primarily the pubertal age. It is quite rare for girls to readily embrace their increasing feminine aspect of their personality. While some find it difficult to cope with their bodily changes quite many are eager and look forward to the memorable once-in-a-lifetime event. Irrespective […]

online shopping portals

Shopping Time: 5 Innovative Online Shopping Portals

Online shopping has evolved so much, these days. Not only have they evolved in the increasing number of websites but also providing some extraordinary facilities to the customers. It is no more like just select a product from a vast range of products and make a purchase. But, with the time there is so much […]


Skincare essentials that women need but tend to ignore.

You must have heard that Cleansing and Moisturizing are two simple steps for a healthy skin. And there’s sunscreen which has unlimited benefits, so much that it should be religiously applied daily. However, for a healthy and flawless skin, there are several other essentials which you MUST incorporate in your daily skincare routine. Here’s a […]


Wall Decor Ideas : Style that boring wall above your bed!

Same life, same routine and the same bedroom every day… It’s always tiring to the see the empty wall above your bed, your favorite spot on the earth. It’s about time we fill in there with unique inexpensive wall decor. Don’t you think it’s time to change your lifestyle? Let’s start with your bedroom.  Framed […]


Generation Gap: What Your Age Says About How You Travel

The post below was originally published on Hipmunk’s Travel Blog on March 9, 2016  by TheHipmunk For the third year in a row, we polled US travelers of all ages to find out more about the travel habits and trends of the coveted millennials as well as gen Xers and boomers. Last year, we reported that millennial travelers were […]

gift wrapping ideas

5 Birthday Gift Wrapping Ideas that’ll Steal the Show

Do you dread gift wrapping presents and postpone it to the very last minute? One reason may be that you’re tired of just taking a sheet of paper and putting it on the box. We totally understand how that may be boring. So, we wanted to share some DIY gift wrapping ideas that will help […]


5 Must have lingerie for all brides-to-be

A bride at her wedding often neglects a crucial part of her regular must-haves, and that is her lingerie. She ensures to carefully select her outfits for each function, jewellery to perfectly match the same and enhance her attire but what about her essentials like lingerie which make her feel comfortable from the inside and […]


Did You Know You Made Panties Mistakes

You wake up in the morning and decide with a lot of enthusiasm what to wear to work, what to wear on a date, and what to wear to everywhere else you go. Did you ever invest one second to the thought, “what panties to wear?” Not very often right? Unless there is something interesting […]


Penelope Cruz’s best red carpet looks

Penelope Cruz is one actor who has always been lauded for her on-screen performances alongside her flawless red carpet looks. She never ceases to amaze us with her classic red carpet ensembles. Here are Penelope Cruz’s best dressed moments from the last decade Penelope looked beyond exquisite for the Madrid Fan Screening of Zoolander 2 in a […]

diy body scrub

7 DIY Body Scrub to get you Silky Smooth Skin

A body scrub is an integral and inevitable part of skincare. It gets rid of all the dead skin and grime on your body. A good body scrub can give you a blemish-free, soft and silky smooth skin. You can always buy a variety of expensive scrubs from the market.  The market bought scrub will […]


COLLEGE FASHION: 11 Tips To Rock Your Look This Semester

Winters are here, folks and all colleges will soon be giving their winter vacations. And after it, the new semesters will be welcoming us with open hands during early January. Deciding what to wear every day to college is a big question in every girl’s life. We all want to look fresh and great and do our best with […]

denim lust ten cute ways to style your denim skirt

DENIM LUST: 10 Cute Ways Of Styling Denim Skirt

One fashion that never becomes old is denim. Denim is something we can always rely on and feel all comfortable and confident in. By denim, we don’t only mean a pair of good old jeans but everything from the denim family, be it skirts, shirts, shrugs or even kurtis! Fashion keeps on fading and trending, […]


For all brides-to-be: Get that perfect bridal hairstyle with these tips

Amidst all the wedding stress that a bride-to-be has to go through, the major thing that remains on her mind is how she will end up looking on the D-day. It’s a bit of a cliché, but your hair really is your added glory on your wedding day, so you’ll want it to look its very […]