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How to survive all night in high heels

Do the most important men in your life bear the names Manolo, Jimmy choo, Enzo, and Steve Madden. If so , then there’s a good chance high heels are a part of your life. But unlike our actresses on screen, who can do the toughest dance move while teetering on 4-inch stilettos, the high heeled […]

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Conquer each day like a king : Tricks to a happier you

You? YES YOU! Take charge of your life RIGHT NOW! Make it wonderful, make it what you want and do justice to yourself. I know it’s not practically possible to be a happy-go-lucky person all the time round but trust me when you are, no one in this world can stop you from taking over. I […]

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The most stunning celebrity wedding dresses of 2014

OK. Let’s face the truth. We girls all google or flip through mags for wedding dresses sometime or the other. Never mind if the D’day is 6 years from now, there’s no harm in looking right? So when it’s one of our favorite stars walking down the aisle, we can’t help but fall head over […]

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Get The Alia Bhatt Look

Four film old Alia Bhatt has now grown up in Bollywood. She is now known as the youngest Fashion Diva in Bollywood. The 21 year old actress has reached the top at an early age as compared to her Bollywood counterparts. Alia is a very bubbly and fresh looking girl. The Bhatt girl is no […]


Busting it out: Dressing guide for Busty Women

My friend actually told me this one story of how she had to snap her fingers infront of a guys face and tell him “my face is up here” . And im sure most heavy breasted women have the same problem. The solution to this is not covering them up with scarves or baggy clothes […]


Kim Kardashians 10 Flop Looks !

Kim Kardashian West surely has hooked all of us with her stunning looks…Famous for her Bootylicious curves, Kim Kardashian definitely has a sense of dressing for her figure. Her style has certainly transformed over the years and we’ve been there to catch every moment of it. Let’s have a look of how Kim was and […]

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Break free From Breakouts! Tried and Tested Home Remedies

Are you facing that day when you have an event or perhaps a party to attend and you happen have a pimple come by knocking your door that morning? Don’t be disheartened as I have come to rescue you! Being an acne recoverer myself there have been many instances in my life where I have […]

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Lose 5 pounds Instantly : The Cheat Guide

Everyone wants to look slim instantly without a dangerous crash diet or going to the gym. Diet and exercise helps for sure, but there’s a lot to be said for using fashion to appear leaner, longer and skinner. Looking thin often has a lot to do with how you dress. Women unknowingly wear clothes that […]

Deepika Padukone in and as Piku

Deepika Padukone In and As Piku : Some Looks

Piku is a story of a highly educated architect played by Deepika Padukone whose life is centered more around her father Bhaskar Banerjee(Amitabh Bachan) than her own life and ambitions. The film celebrates reality and also brings forth the Bengali community’s genuine nuances. The cast of Piku was seen extensively promoting the film, but the […]


Trending Kurtis : Wear one this summer

Kurtis have surely become today’s fashion rage among Indian women nowadays. Today’s modern Indian Fashion Designers have perked up the Indian fashion by giving numerous twists and tweaks. Fashion trends never remain constant. What is today is fashion can be completely out of fashion the other day. If you are a fashion buff, then you […]

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What is your 70’s look ?

Okay so let’s get ready for this autumn’s 70’s look. The world view of 70’s is something to get in. 70’s are something which are repeated and taken inspiration from , once in every decade. There is so much to know about it! Be it the woodstock festival, the hippies look, flower power and yes not […]

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A Beautiful Mess: How To Get The Perfect Bed-Head Look

Move over prim and proper, scruffy is the new chic when it comes to hair trends this season. But the whole just-rolled-out-of -the-bed-hair look is not an easy one to nail. How many times have we wished our hair looked as disheveled yet chic as style icon Alexa Chung’s, and ended up with something just […]

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10 Ways To Rock The Bob This Summer!

The mercury levels are rising and all you want to do is chop off your long tresses. You badly want to get a bob, but you are afraid you’ll mess it up. Afterall it is your hair!. Long hair is playing it safe , but short hair shouts confidence and attitude. And todays women are […]

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Choosing The Right Body Mist

A bottle of a perfume is an inevitable ingredient of every woman’s purse. But, nowadays there is a growing demand for Body Mists compared to perfumes not only because of the softness of the scent, but mostly because of it’s price. Before choosing the right body mist for your body, it is important for you […]


Your Guide To Beautiful, Healthy Hair

Hair care is an overall term for parts of hygiene and cosmetology involving the hair on the human head. All hair is not the same, hair is a manifestation of human diversity. So, here are some tips that can help you to keep your hair healthy. A massage is just not only must for your […]



As summer comes Hair gets tighter. Skin gets darker. Water gets warmer. Drinks gets colder. Music gets louder. Days get longer. Life gets better… Summer is the time when one sheds one’s tensions with one’s clothes. Figuring out what to get dressed in each morning when your brain is only 50% functioning is the problem […]


Going Back In Time with Naga Culture

There are so many different cultures in the world which we aren’t even aware of. Each culture brings with it its own history, language, food and of course, their costumes. Unfortunately, we are moving towards a more globalized era where these cultures are not able to sustain themselves. Very rarely will you see people wearing […]


The Basics of Men’s Fashion

Hello all, I bet you are here to learn some basics about men’s fashion, but first lets discuss what is the need for all this. Men’s fashion has become very important and lucrative now days. The market is flooded with all types of clothes and men have started to realize the importance of having a good dressing sense. […]

Your goals should be SMART.

7 Steps towards a healthy body : Look Better, Feel Great

See, one of the major differences of being in your late twenties is that your metabolism suddenly slows down. No I am not saying this from my personal experience. I am NOT on the wrong side of twenty and I can definitely wolf down a dozen pancakes without overnight bulges in all the wrong places […]

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BIG BAG THEORY : Your Wikipedia of Handbags

Yep. That’s right. The bigger the better! that’s the mantra this season. Every women knows that her bag is her best friend. Its your secret treasure trove. It carries everything from your lipstick to your laptop. So in today’s world when fashion meets logic  carrying a big bag is not a fashion disaster anymore but […]