Paris Up Your Style With The Beret

This winter bid adieu to the slouchy beanie hats and say Salut to the Parisian Berets. If you’re wondering, a Beret is a roundish-flattish headgear made up of felt, cotton or wool. It is warm, well fitted on one side of the head with a slightly puffed centre and loose towards the other end. The beret is being worn by both men and woman since 1920s but the roots of this fashion accessory lie in the ancient past.



It is a beautiful headgear that fashion aficionados can wear when out on the streets and make heads turn. Wearing the beret will give you a delicate and classy look and looks phenomenal on both men and woman. Without much ado, let us look into some of the ways in which you can sway with the beret in utmost élan and poise!


1. Femme Fatale

Duchess of Cambridge

The beret comes in a lot of styles, designs and textures. A beret is a symbolic statement of sophisticated Parisian fashion. Leave the beret loose to the side and let your locks free. You can pair it with a trench coat, a muffler, warm leggings and pumps to get the femme fatale look on point.


2. Beauty And The Geek

Beret And Pigtails

To get the geek look, wear your beret with your hair braided into pigtails. It looks neat and old school. Wrap a scarf around your neck or wear a pair of glasses to notch up the style. If you wear lenses, you can simply step out in your glasses today and ace this look. Keep your makeup as minimal as possible.



3. ’60s Queen

Beret and chignon

For the classiest look of the 1960s, you can wear your hair in a loose but neat chignon that rests at the nape and pair it with your beret. This looks best with close-cut round necklines or turtlenecks and will go amazingly well with pencil cut skirts.



4. Casually Charming 

Beret and side braid

A loose side braid and beret work just about fine for a semi-formal outing. You can wear it on a date, to the shopping mall, to the library and it looks very cute. Let your locks loose and allow your hair to fall freely on your forehead. This look is casual, messy and yet different from what we come across every day.


5. Short Hair, Don’t Care

Anne Hathaway

If your hair is so short that none of the hairdos are applicable to you, the beret is the best getaway for you this winter season. Short hair with beret looks fantastically uptown and confident. Get inspired by the look Anne Hathaway sported when she had short hair.


These are easily available online or at fashion hotspots present in almost every city. We recommend the beret as a “must have” for this winter season. Experiment with different styles and head forward in awesomeness!

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