Pearls: A Modern Girl’s New Best Friend!

A few months ago, television, newspaper, social media were flooded with news reports of a certain pearl-encrusted dress, worn by a celebrity, being stolen from her hotel room. With the world losing its head over this incident, I realised that the luxurious rarity has come a long way from being grandma’s customary hand-me-down to a fashion statement.  It’s a timeless, jewellery staple which never fails to make a stylish statement.

Classy Girls Wear Pearls

Found within the shell of an oyster, a pearl is highly prized as a gem. It has transcended cultures as diamonds have, and has surpassed the popularity of many coloured stones. With the reputation of being rare, unique and mysterious, the gemstone has fascinated us for centuries.

To compare its timelessness and wardrobe essentiality to that of a little black dress wouldn’t be entirely wrong. In fact, the mere mention of the word immediately prompts an image of a woman wearing a strand of pearls with her little black dress. As rightly claimed by many fashion professionals, a pearl “can never go out of style”.

All said and done, I had almost ruled out working pearls into my accessory repertoire, ever, just as any self-respecting woman in her early 20s would do. I didn’t want to be stereotyped as grandma’s jewellery box so early in my life.  But, a quick tab over the latest trends proved me wrong. Pearls have come a long way from the stigma of grandma’s necklace. Today they have a different story to tell-you can wear them with anything. They can be fun and serious at the same time. So, like me, if you’ve been hiding that immaculate heirloom that you inherited from your grandmother, now is the time to take it out, and stun the world with its brilliance. And if you’re still unsure about how to wear it, given below are some tips on how to make your sartorial world your oyster with the ocean gem.

1. Statement necklaces are an absolute must-have for any season. Find the perfect pearl statement necklace – let it be chunky and opulent with interesting details such as the girly bow.

 pearl necklace with bow  pearl necklace bow

2. If you like mixing different materials and stones, try wearing jewellery where pearls are mixed with beads, shells, turquoise stones or with the modern golden chain. 

 pearl necklace  pearl bracelet with gold charm

3. If you thought layering was only restricted to clothes, think again! Layers of pearls also look good on bracelets and necklaces. 

layered pearl necklacepearl cuff braceletsil_fullxfull.331988469

4. This summer, shower your tresses with some TLC by thinking outside the box. Protect them from the blazing sun with these edgy pearl embellished hats. Or bring out your inner diva by wearing these delicate pearl encrusted headbands for an evening out with your girls!

pearl embellished cap     black hat with pearls

pearl headband  pearl hairband


5. Every woman should own a gorgeous pair of pearl earrings. They look so good with chignon bun hairstyle and will instantly make you look sophisticated and elegant. Celebrities love this combination for the red carpet events. If you’re of the rebellious type, go for the edgy earrings! 

pearl-earrings-for-women-water-drop pink-pearl-earringsrihanna pearl earring edgy pearl earring 

6. The ardent DIY lover will have a gala time this summer in decorating her favourite pair of jeans with the hottest jewellery trend! Easy on your pocket yet deliciously stylish, the embellished jeans will surely make you talk of the town.

 jeans embellished with pearlspearl embellished jeans

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