Perfect Binge Worthy Accessories For Every Season

 “Any opportunity to adorn oneself is human, and accessories are an easy way to do it”

                                                                                                                                         ~ Mark Jacobs

Accessories are the gateway to fashion. I mean, what’s not to love in a cute bag or a nice ear spike and the gorgeous chokers! Just dressing up and applying some makeup is good, but accessorizing the whole outfit, that’s what keeps you at the edge and off-normalcy. It gets your look all unique and beautiful! We bring to you some such binge worthy accessories you must have in your wardrobe!
Dig in, ladies!

1. Rings:


Rings are the perfect princessy accessories! *Cue fairytale proposals that begin with THE RING!* They are super cute and go perfectly well with any outfit. However, it just ups your outfit a notch if you wear more than just one. Wear at least 2 or 3 different rings and  match them according to the style you choose. It may be good to contrast the rings a bit with colour as they add this vivid point to your overall outfit. There are numerous midi-rings available in the market as well these days. You may pick some here.

2. Necklace:


Necklaces add this charm to the whole package. They dazzle, they are beautiful and they can be contrasting as well. Dramatic neckpieces can completely change your boring outfit into one ready-to-hit-the-floor gorgeousness!! They are a huge trend as well, evergreen, as a matter of fact. Also, chokers are trending massively. Try wearing chokers with earthy colours if you are aiming for a sleek, sexy look. For a date night, you may want to stick to some single pendant pieces that add more elegance and grace to your already beautiful look. 

3. Anklets and bracelets


Anklets and bracelets are perfect for showing off charisma. They are delicate and beautiful.  Anklets are so fashionable that you cannot ignore the cuteness of the tiny charms that often adorn them. Many say that they are quite old fashioned and such, but my friends, old is gold and this one is platinum all the way! No matter what colour or what style you choose, you are bound to be different and stylish. Wear bracelets when you want to look elegant or get that shine and sparkling appearance. Wear anklets with something that shows it off like skirts with a slit, or capris or even ankle length jeans.

4. Bags:

Bags are the most comfortable and stylish way to carry to your things gracefully. You can carry all your makeup products, cash and other important items in your bag and carry that essentially useful item as a chic accessory as well! Be it a large tote for a day at the mall or a nice blingy clutch for that evening function to attend, you can always rely on bags to take away the problems of carrying your necessary items and to give you a complete awesome look.

 5. Shoes:


This is by far the most treasured accessory! Even if you recently bought new shoes, we wouldn’t be surprised if you were  up and running to buy new ones again! Shoes are the heart of dressing up, if clothes are the souls. They are so cute and so comfortable (provided you buy the right size and it’s good to walk in). Shoes are the perfect way to contrast the outfit, as a whole too. *Think orange heels with LBD and swoon!!!* Be it heels, wedges or the super cool sneakers, one can never have enough shoes, right ladies? 😉

Okay, so these were our top 5 perfect binge worthy accessories, ones which we absolutely cannot do without! Also, one more tip when you buy these: make sure you imagine yourself wearing these and see if these go with your outfit or the general style for what you are looking.

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