Perfect Dresses for a Perfect Day Date!

It’s of utmost importance to dress well for a date in order to impress that Prince Charming! But just any dress won’t do. You need to take into consideration the time of date, that is, whether you are meeting that Prince over lunchtime or for dinner. If it’s a daytime date, you need to wear sober yet cheerful, bright coloured clothes. Loud, sparkling dresses are not apt for day dates.

Day dates can include a lot of things: a brunch, a picnic, a museum, an outdoor concert, a daytime movie, coffee…you know the drill. These dates tend to be cheap and casual, so the idea is to dress as you would normally – except you happen, normally, to look completely awesome and effortless.

White Dress – a fresh option radiating off sunlight to make you look like a fairy!

Little White Dress

Shirt Dress – a smart, tailored shirt dress style is always a killer!

Shirt Dress

Georgette Frock – a cute selection to look youthful and adorable.

Georgette Frock

A-Line Dress – an old time classic that flatters all body types.

The A Line Dress

Lace Dress – a subtle option to suit every type of outing.

Lace Dress

Shift Dress – a straight cut yet feminine selection that looks versatile.

The Shift Dress

Maxi Dress – a floor-length perfection for sheer elegance!

The Maxi Dress

Sleeveless Wrap Dress – a sassy choice for that style quotient!

Sleeveless Wrap Dress

And the last thing is to put on your confident persona when you walk out the door, because ultimately it’s your unique charm that’s going to win you your guy’s heart!

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