Perfect Shot for the Knot-Photographs that should be there in every Indian wedding album!

“Two souls and a single thought, Two hearts that beat as one”!

The Wedding day is an indelible day for two people in love. Its a very special day of their lives and they want everything to be quintessential and absolutely WOW! They want to capture each and every moment as it is, which they can cherish later in their lives,together. So, here are some photographs which might be cliche, but are a must in every Big fat Indian wedding album, and believe me no one ever gets bored watching them over and over again!

The Wedding Card

The wedding card

The invitation card is off course a very special part of any wedding,it is like the kick start to all the pompous celebrations ahead and hence a photograph of it is a big YES in the wedding album!

The Wedding Outfits

the outfit the outfit 2

The wedding outfits are the most priced possessions for both the bride and the groom. Both of them eagerly wait to get into their wedding ensembles and look absolutely stunning. But, few beautiful shots of just the garments is a must as both of them might not wear them again and just pack them. Hence, a few unscarred photographs of the outfits should be there in the wedding album!

The groom and bride in the making.

bride in the making groom in making

A few shots of that moment of mixed emotions, happiness, nervousness, anxiety and excitement will surely make the couple nostalgic about the most beautiful day of their lives!

The “feel like king and the queen” moments.

queen king

After getting fully dressed,both, the bride and the groom get into that “royal” feel, and why shouldn’t they?!  After all its their wedding, everything is acceptable! So a few of those “royal king and queen” shots must be there to cherish later in their lives with a big smile!

The dancing groom shot!

the dancing groom

Dancing in your own wedding is a joy which is simply  nonparallel! The excitement, the fun, the unmatched happiness on the face of the groom dancing is something which even the would-be better half would love to see in the wedding album. So, there should be some of these fun pics in your wedding album!

The grand entry shot.

grand entry bride grand entry groom

The grand entry to finally become Mr & Mrs and the excitement to see each other dressed up in the entire wedding ensemble,such a moment shouldn’t be a miss in the wedding album!

The fun ‘varmala’ shot.

fun varmala

This amazing fun filled moment where the groom’s friends will restrict the bride to put the varmala and the bride would be eager to do so, but try to hide her feelings, and the groom enjoying looking at the bride getting irritated yet happy, don’t you think this moment should hold a few frames in your wedding album?!

The hand-in-hand moment.

hand in hand

This is the most cliche yet the most loved photograph,found in most of the wedding albums,bride and groom’s hand-in -hand shot, portraying their life-long togetherness and love! As common and boring shot it must be, but it still holds a big chunk in any Indian wedding album, and it  deserves also!

So, Don’t you think so that what-so-ever pics you have in your wedding album, these are the top ones which are like a compulsion and the most loved ones. 20 years after your wedding, when you look at  these shots, you will travel back in time to this D-day of your lives, re-live every moment with your better halves and believe me you will still get that cute “awww” feeling in your hearts!

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