Perks of being a Short-haired Girl

Recently, I chopped off my locks  for a super- short hairstyle and I can tell you, I’ve never felt better. I don’t have anything against the long hair, but everyone has a limit. Fussing over one’s long hair, the rubber bands and pins, the accidental chewing of your hair with the food( yes , it happens IRL ), etc can be too much for some. The latest trend among  a lot of female celebs ’round the globe seems to be, to go “under the scissors ” (see: Anushka Sharma, Lily Collins and more) and its gaining popularity. Whenever there is a long hair vs short hair debate, the Rapunzels generally throw the ” femininity ” card . Whoever said short hairs aren’t feminine ? And why the freak does a short – haired girl have to be a lesbian ? In my opinion, hair – styling is at least a gender-blind thing and I want this to be realized by everyone sooner. Of course, there are the obvious pros of being long – haired, like the wind-whipping-through -your-hair feels, the apparently attractive concert head – banging  and the flossing with a hair strand utility( that’s just gross , though ). But, the feeling of liberation in a short ‘do is unparalleled. audrey_tautou_as_amelie-1600x900 Without further ado, here are the perks of being a short – haired girl , to reinforce your belief in your choice.  

1. Au revoir to the everyday hair hassles.

woman-convertible-hair-blowing The time consuming, blow-drying of the hair when you’re running late, the tangled mess you end up with when travelling with your hair and the windows down, the hair strands everywhere in the house from the fan to the floor,  etc are the day to day troubles unheard of in a short – hair lifestyle.

2. Longer turnover rate of Hair products

Smiling young woman washing head with shampoo Short hair requires lesser  amount of shampoos , conditioners or serums and the likes. This saves a lot of cash from your weekly or monthly toiletries budget.

3. Hair-fall reduction

drain I had a serious hair-fall problem,  on the verge of a  final head of measly hair. But after the hair has been shortened, there is hardly any stray strands on the comb anymore. I don’t know why this happens when you cut your hair short, but that’s the truth.  As a consequence, the daily ritual of removing the hair clogged on the water drain-holes in the bathroom,  comes to an end.

4. Hair accessories

short There are a lot of hair accessories out there in the market from head bands to fashionable tiaras, and honestly, any hair accessory paired with a short – hairstyle looks perfect. The same is true for the long – hair style as well, but on the former, it appears a lot chicer.

5. Hair texture/type doesn’t matter

New-Short-Curly-Hairstyles-25 When you have a short hairstyle, the texture and volume of your particular hair type isn’t an issue anymore. Mousy hair doesn’t look mousy at all when styled short and a bushy hair is more easily straightened and manageable when the length is shorter .

6. Very practical

beyonce-gets-hair-stuck-in-fan-1374687039-1075 There are no doubts as to the practicality of short hair. Time – saving, money – saving ,easily manageable, and more such adjectives. Now, this is more on the imaginative side (excuse my thoughts) but , you strip away all the vestiges of a modern civilization back to nature and then, you see hardly any use for a long hair. No more whining that ” Boys have it easy ” .

7. People view you as interesting/quirky/daring/polished,  depending on your hairdo

fuga-in-vespa I’ve seen short – haired girls my whole life and my mind have put them all in the category of either interesting/ edgy/quirky/daring. In my personal case , this stereotype can be traced back to Audrey Tautou’s quirky character in the movie Amélie and the images of Joan of Arc . It is a common knowledge that a woman’s hair is a big deal for her. If she had cut it off, there is some interesting reason behind that decision( mine was pure laziness ). Also, females are still repressed in many cultures today that emphasizes on traditional values and unanimously detests  “modern” ideals and individual choice, and Hey presto!, a short – haired girl appears. No wonder it  makes us admire her guts. I could go on and on , but these perks are the ones that comes to my mind first. I certainly MISS my long locks sometimes but,  in the style of Edith Piaf ,” Non , je ne regrette rien “. To women who do regret it, consider it an experience . To the others , just embrace with a smile, the ignorant sounding comments about your femininity and of course, sexuality.  

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