What is the worst nightmare of any fashionista? The ubiquitous reply would be a chorus of sounds yelling PIMPLES! It is the unwanted gift of puberty which nature so affectionately handed to us and one which we can never return. So, what to do in a situation where you are hounded by pimples at every corner? Here are some tips to combat them!


drink lots of water

Yes. When your mum was after your life to drink 8 glasses of water everyday, she wasn’t making it up. Water helps in expelling all the toxins in your body which otherwise break out all over your skin in the form of pimples and acne. In fact, it is known as the magic cure. I have an aunt who drinks about 10 glasses of water a day. Not only has it helped her to maintain a beautiful skin but it also helped her in managing her weight! (Water is cool, folks!)



This actually helps in reducing the outbreak of pimples. But, it is amazingly hard to follow. If you have too much sugar, well then get ready for too many pimples and they can sometimes be painful. So, the best bet is to moderate what you eat. I don’t recommend going off chocolates because that is not a healthy decision for one’s sanity but instead of, say the entire chocolate, we can cut down to half, right? Worst case scenario: you have to join a club named chocoholic anonymous !


cinnamon powder

Now this is the greatest method ever to get rid of pimples. Take some honey, like about half a teaspoon and put a pinch of powdered cinnamon in it. Next take an ear bud and mix with it thoroughly and apply the mixture with it on the pimple. It takes about 10 hours but you can see an amazing reduction in the pimple. The best part is it helps in reducing the marks of the pimples too!!


garnier pimple control pen

I, till quite recently, had Garnier’s pimple control pen. It was a small tube which would expel super cold cream that you applied directly on your pimple. I wouldn’t really recommend using it regularly because somehow the pimple would come off (gross, I know) and would leave a mark. The mark then involves extra effort to hide with makeup and it would take quite a whole lot of time for it to eventually fade away. So, use only in case of an emergency!


dr. batra's acne clear face wash

This is not something new but it is important to know which face wash to use to successfully combat pimples. I recommend Himalaya Purifying Neem Face Wash. It is a light face wash and I have never experienced a massive outbreak of pimples while I have been using it. It is also necessary to wash off your makeup every night and to have a daily routine of cleansing-toning-moisturising. This will go a long way in preserving your skin. If you have a bad case of pimples, I recommend Dr. Batra’s Acne Clear Face Wash. It will show you a marked reduction in your pimples guaranteed. For best results, pair it with Dr. Batra’s Natural Anti Acne Cream. Use them twice a day at the very least. The face wash will make your skin excessively dry if you have an already dry skin, so make sure to moisturise with an intensive moisturising cream!

This is about it. I have had my fair share of troubles with pimples (and I still do. Thanks to my sweet tooth. I have been regularly attending meetings of Chocoholic Anonymous and they have helped me tremendously) and these are some of the ways I have learnt how to combat them for a pimple free skin!

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