Power Brows!

Eyebrows have the ability to frame your face like nothing can. They totally transform your look from your average plain Jane to runway ready diva!

Full, perfectly arched eyebrows are all the rage right now. Trust us, thin, over-plucked eyebrows never flattered anyone! A perfectly groomed pair of eyebrows bring out your eyes in the best possible light and can even help soften your features!

Bushy but tamed eyebrows have truly made a comeback. From the runways to your favourite celebrities, everyone has their eyebrow game going strong. Then why should you lag behind? Investing in eyebrow grooming is the best decision you’ll ever make. We present to you celebrities with impeccable eyebrows to provide you with ‘browinspiration’ that can inspire you to take the plunge!

Cara Delevingne

cara delevingne

Let’s begin with the ‘Queen of Brows’ herself! No one rocks bold eyebrows like Ms. Delevingne. She has been able to make statement brows her signature style. Hers is a perfect combination of bushy and groomed. They are bushy enough to appear bold and make a statement but at the same time are flawlessly groomed to frame her face beautifully. Cara’s eyebrows are a product of maintenance and brow experts. They are surely not for the faint of heart!
Try this look if you are not afraid of standing out!

Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara

The stunning funnywoman is the proud owner of one of the best brows in the biz! The Columbian beauty’s perfect brows along with her bootylicious bod is the envy of many. Out of all her beautiful features, the ‘Modern Family’ star’s eyebrows truly seem to stand out!
Grow out your brow hair if you wanna rock it like Vergara! But don’t forget to keep the stray hair in place. Messy is certainly not the look you are going for!

Megan Fox

megan fox

Could this sexy siren get any hotter? From her sultry gaze, mesmerizing blue eyes down to her perfect eyebrows, Megan is truly flawless. She sure didn’t always have her eyebrows on fleek but has managed to completely transform her look by upping her eyebrow game. She is truly an example of how much a groomed set of eyebrows can change your entire face.
At least there’s something of Megan’s that we can emulate!

Demi Lovato

demi lovato

Not one to shy away from experimenting, the edgy diva loves changing up her brow game! Be it thick or thin, Demi always manages to slay it. But out of all her eyebrow looks, her bushy full brows win hands down! Her thick brows provide her with a fresh and natural look.
We could all certainly use that! It’s time to sass it up like Demi!

Emma Watson

Emma Watson

While Emma Watson screams elegance, her eyebrows totally scream perfection! The ‘Harry Potter’ star’s perfectly proportional brows are every inch as perfect as Hermoine herself. Hers is a perfect combination of bold and subtle and is perfect for someone who isn’t ready to go all out with their brows.
Grace it up ladies!

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian

It’s Kim K ladies! Kimmy here is representing all her sisters as all of them are at the very top of the brow game ladder. If there’s anyone out there who knows eyebrows to the T, it’s the Kardashian-Jenner clan. Be it contouring or eyebrow shaping, this very glamorous family has perfected every skill on the beauty front. Kimmy keeps her brows bold but understated. This look is totally attainable and very flattering.
You certainly don’t have to be a Kardashian in order to look like one!

Lily Collins

Lily Collins

We certainly kept the best for last! This stunning beauty has bold and beautiful brows that compel us to throw away our tweezers. Her beautiful lush brows truly inspire us to go au naturale every once and a while. If only we all could have brows this perfect!
It’s time to lose those tweezers girls!

Thought bushy brows looked unkempt or messy? Hopefully we provided you with a fresh perspective! Nothing speaks glamorous like a well groomed set of brows. Slay the world with them brows girls!

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