Product Review: Incredio Meal Replacement Plan

One of the most sought after topics of discussion nowadays has to be that of meal replacement plans.

Meal replacement plans are basically substitutes for solid food meals with controlled quantities of calories and nutrients. These were mainly developed keeping in mind, the lifestyle that people follow in today’s world.

Since, most people due to their busy lifestyles have the habit of skipping meals or sticking to fast-food or follow crash diets, their health tends to show signs of deterioration and obesity at a very young age.

To combat such health issues, Meal Replacement Plans were introduced. The process of indulging in a meal replacement plan involves replacing an entire meal of the day by shakes or bars in order to limit your body to having the desired amount of calories and nutrients in a healthy way.

Meal Replacement plans if taken regularly have shown visible changes in one’s health, such as weight loss and an increase in energy levels.

Now, after much research on Meal Replacement plans and whether they serve the purpose, which kind are useful,  I landed on the “Incredio” brand. I have been testing it for 2 weeks now. The brand claims to help with weight loss for people on the go and it is quite easy-to-use at price of only Rs. 865!! With all that said and done, I decided to put the product on a test.

The Incredio Meal Replacement Plan is a 1-2-3 step plan- 1 time meal replaced, 2 times drink the Incredio weight loss tea, 3 10 minutes walks in a day.

The way I followed the 1-2-3 step plan was:

  1. I usually replaced my dinner with this plan.

  2. I drank the tea once in the morning right after I woke up and once at night before I went to bed.

  3. I would either do 10 minute jogs 3 times a day if I had the time or I would do a 30 minute cardio workouts every morning.

I have been following this plan for two weeks now and I can say that I have seen some significant changes in my diet and body.

Incredio plan

So, I want to divide this post into the Pros and Cons of the product.


  • I had ordered the mango flavored drink, and I have tried the drink with skimmed milk and water both and I like the taste of it both ways. A huge thumbs up for the taste.
  • Its easy to make the drink and keeps you filled for 4 hours straight.
  • In my case, my appetite has decreased and I am more energetic after drinking it and following the plan.
  • The tea has a pleasant taste and really helps in losing weight.


  • The formula takes a lot of time to mix and forms a liquid with no clumps.
  • You tend to get bored with the same flavour, drinking it everyday.

Incredio Shake

My overall experience with the Incredio plan was good. It’s a plan made for people on the go, its simplicity is its greatest advantage.

Incredio tea

My suggestion would be to buy all the flavors and keep alternating them through the week, so that it doesn’t get monotonous.

I would also suggest, stirring the mixture with a spoon rather than shaking it in the bottle to avoid it from forming small lumps.

For more details about the product, check out their website here.

You can buy the product here as well!

Disclaimer: The review is not sponsored by the product company. It is based entirely on personal experience.

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