Dazzling Ideas for the Perfect Prom Dress for the Perfect You


Prom? OH YES. It’ll be here in a few months and you’re definitely going to want to stand out. What better way to stand out than a gorgeous dress? Here’s your ultimate guide to all the possible designs you could buy or even get made. It’s exciting isn’t it? Makes you feel like a Fashionista when you pick the dress and imagine yourself in it!

So let’s begin…

   1. The old favorite.

A strapless gown is somehow the go-to design for everyone! Even though it can get monotonous, there’s a bunch of ways to style it up. Different colors, fabric, neckline, it could be a hi-low, with a slit, without a slit and the list goes on. So let’s get to it.


The classic red 

strapless 3

This red gown can be worn with or without a slit, depending on how conservative you want it. It’s, like the name, a classic and can once again, never go wrong.


strapless 7

Dakota smashes the red carpet with this gown. You can’t be missed when you’re truly sparkling.

Ombre? YES please

strapless 8

Lily’s ombre gown is a masterpiece and definitely makes a statement.

2. Who said only guys can have a two piece outfit?

Two piece dresses are so in right now! There’s a few ways you can style up/down a dress and switch up the old one piece gown.



two piece 2 tulle

The high neck trend is so in right now. The tulle completes this ultimate fairytale look with the perfect corsage.


two piece 5

She can never do anything wrong. If you just want a stylish bang, go with this one!

   3. Long sleeves.

Long sleeves sounds a bit eh, but this is the new classy.

We’ve got tonnes of glitter here too!

long sleeve 2

This is just absolutely gorgeous, you can’t not win prom queen after wearing this!!

An undisputed winner.


The Undisputed fave

long sleeve 5

This look sincerely a favorite. Some proms are simple but silently stylish. This is THE  gown -simple, stylish and sexy. The pop of red brings the dress to life. The mere lack of detail is what makes it so classy and elegant. Nothing gets better than this.

Here you go, some sleeves.

lace 7This dress is beyond smashing. It transcends the dark sphere into one with poise and elegance. The train makes it seem never-ending and definitely catches the eye of yeah like EVERYONE.


4.    The nude


Beige is super classy and if you’ve read our previous article you’d know it’s a color that can be worn at any time of the day! So well, it has its own category.

nude 2 Not just a princess, a Queen…


5. Let’s get into some miscellaneous now. 

 It’s sheer.

neck 2 This dress is a dream come true, the top is felicitously fitting along with a beautiful bottom.

Tulle anyone?

neck 7 *Speechless*, discover that rock star within you.

The cold shoulder

neck 8 This is just so in right now! We had to include one of its type. The dress carries an elegance of its own with a v neckline and red spontaneity. For similar looks visit


So there it is guys, the ultimate guide to picking the perfect prom dress!

Which one’s your favorite?

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