Rajputana Rajasthan – 11 fashion finds

After living in Rajasthan (Jodhpur) for almost one and a half year, its mesmerizing culture has left me spellbound with it’s exquisite heritage and fanatic traditions, that it’s not a single day that I don’t praise this sandy-seville for its beguiling art&craft and city charm. It’s beautiful, it’s enticing in all the way and has bedazzled millions of people for its richdom living. Even the runways and fashion experts from all over the world get inspired from this princely state to invent something creative. I find myself lucky enough for being there and would love to embrace my fashion finds with you all..

Rundown for the list of ongoing trends taken from Rajasthan..


The Mustache & Turban

The Mustache print t-shirt


leheriya turban   turbun padharo mhare deshThe Mustacheturbun

The mustache is the symbol of their manly hood and they take great pride in it while pagri is the mark of honor and respect and is been spotted in apparel, footwear, cushions and souvenir.


The Mojris

The MojrisThe MojrisRajasthani Mojris

It is usually made with camel leather and is available in the plethora of designs in vivid hues. It symbolizes their ethnicity and craft.


The Bags

The Bags The Bags The Bags The Bags The Bags The Bags

Some bags are made with pure camel leather or tie&dye techniques and using quirky prints.


The Jodhpuris

jodhpuri suit The JodhpurisThe Jodhpuris

The Jodhpuris are the super uber stylish breeches from Rajasthan usually worn by kings while playing polo or horse riding and they are the real trendsetters.


The Bandhgala

bandhgala Fawad KhanThe Bandhgala

This royal ensemble is a mark of elegance and sophistication and is also known as Jodhpur jacket.


The Tie&dye

The Tie&dye The Tie&dye The Tie&dyeThe Tie&dyeThe Tie&dye

Batik, lehriya, bandhani are some of the techniques to make a tie&dye product which is again originated in Rajasthan for which people are crazy worldwide. These are used in garments, stoles, and turbans.


The Embroidery

The Embroidery applique The Embroidery The Embroidery The Embroidery The Embroidery The Embroidery Malini-Ramani-mirror-work-at-Wills-Lifstyle-Fashion-Week rajasthani-inspired-jacquard-waistcoat-original

Mirror work, Gotta Patti,  and Applique Patchwork are used to create wonders which cast upon some magic to the fabric and wearer.


The Block Printing

The Block Printing The Block Printing The Block Printing The Block Printing The Block Printing The Block PrintingThe Block Printing

It’s a hand printing technique using blocks, is printed over the fabric carefully. It is usually seen in bedsheets, cushions, and fashion apparels.


The Silver

The Silver The Silver  The SilverThe SilverThe Silver

These intricate and ornated precious jewelry is solely worn for the purpose of adornment and gives you an extravagance lush and reflects the Rajasthani tribe.


The Lac Bangles

Designer-Handcrafted-Lac-Bangles The Lac Bangles Lac-Bangles-of-Bikaner

Available in large variety with different shades or plain, embedded with glass pieces or precious stones, they are the symbol of good luck and worn by women’s at the time of festivities.


The Kundan



The Kundan The Kundan The Kundan

Kundan – Meena is an exquisite, colorful type of jewelry which has its origin and have been nurtured in the long run from Rajasthan. Colorful uncut stones especially red colored stones are used to elaborate beautiful patterns.It is expensive and thus preferred only by the royalties.

Rajasthan has played a pivotal role in serving the fashion industry since long back. The royal, colorful and symbolic products whether it is intricate jewelry, outstanding attires or unique accessories all portray the richdom culture, old customs, and traditional wear of Rajasthanis. It’s an honor for me to cherish the craftsmanship of  all the artisans for their commendable work and showing immense skills and beholding their long old tradition.

Well, there’s the lot more to know about Rajasthan and visiting there once is a must! So guys, pack your bags and flew away for the RIFF.


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