Red, Pretty, Beneficial Cherries

Heart-shaped sweet cherry

Edgar A. Guest had once said, “There’s no diet list I’ll follow that would rule out a cherry.”

Apart from tasting good, this tiny pretty looking fruit has numerous health benefits.

Here are few good reasons to start eating this powerful fruit today –

1) Younger looking skin

younger looking skin

Scientist from the Michigan State University suggests drinking a glass of red cherry juice a day slows down the aging process.

2) Packed with anti-oxidants

beautiful hair

Being rich in anti- oxidants cherries are good for hair growth and can control hair fall effectively.

3) For your beauty sleep

wake up

Cherries contain a chemical called melatonin, which regulates the sleeping pattern. Hence, cherries helps you to provide with the perfect beauty sleep required.

4) Fights acne and other skin problems

beautiful skin

Red cherries have anti bacterial properties which help to remove toxins from the blood which often are the reasons for acne breakouts. Hence they are a good treatment for acne and other skin problems.

5) Weight maintenance

weight maintainance

Cherries are a great choice of snack or dessert for people who are conscious about their weight.

6) Skin lightening

cherry juice

Consistent use of cherry juice helps to regenerate and rejuvenate skin and so helps to clear dark spots which in turn helps in skin lightening.

7) Prevents colon cancer

Cherry cake

Cherries help to prevent some dangerous diseases like colon cancer due to antioxidants it posses.

Cherries are delicious and in season now! Grab the nutritional value of this super fruit as long as you have the golden chance because their season is way too short!


Also don’t forget the cakes as well as the best of the desserts always have cherries as their toppings.

Until the next post,

Have a cherry-full day.

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