Refashion : 10 Tips To Rewear Your Summer Clothes In Winters

It is winters now and the temperature is falling in every part of the country. We know the struggles every girl goes through in winters when it comes to styling her looks. We want to look best and different every day but that does not always happen in winters. Also, we want to wear those shorts and crop tops badly, but the weather simply doesn’t allow us. So, we bring 10 awesome ways in which you can refashion your summer clothes in winters! Minus the cold. 😉

1. Pullovers Underneath Crop Tops

pullovers and c rop tops as refashion

Crop tops are one of our favorite outfits. To make your winter attire stunning, wear your basic pullover or high neck sweater, underneath the crop top. This is an edgy way to refashion your outfit and gives a layering effect, turning your dull and regular outfit into an interesting one. Get a classy pullover here.

2. Shirt over a hoodie

shirt and hoodie as refashion

Hoodies are our first choice during winters. Oh, the cozy comfort they provide! Well, you can also stylize your winter hoodies with one of the basic summer outfits and that is with shirts. Just overlay your hoodie with a regular or oversized shirt. This will help you to refashion your clothes as well as also give you a double layer cover in winters.

3. Crop sweaters over long tops

refashion crop sweaters

Crop sweaters are one of the most adorable outfits you need to try this winter. The long tops and chiffon shirts of summers could be tried with crop sweaters in order to refashion your clothes. You just need to wear your crop sweater keeping the shirts or tops underneath yet evident.

4. Refashion The Jumpsuits

refashion jumpsuits

Jumpsuit could be styled in the winters and with this, you can make your look sexy in this season also. Yes, ladies, you do not have to end up looking like a potato on a date in winters. You can pair your leather jacket or blazers with the jumpsuits and create a warm and fashionable look for winters. Add some high or ankle-length boots to get that high fashion look. Get a casual white blazer here.

5. Pull out the cardigans

You can wear cardigans with your maxi dresses and maxi skirts to make it all exciting. You can also wear cardigans with those beautiful lace, crochet or backless tops to refashion your summer dress. Layering gets it right, always!

6. Overcoats with short tops

overcoats and short tops

Wearing those summer tops in winters with the classy winter clothes is another way to refashion your outfits. You can wear your summer top with jeans and pair an overcoat with it. This makes you perfectly dressed for the winters and also, you get a chance to wear those pretty summer tops again. You can buy a beautiful overcoat here.

7. Refashion Shorts

refashion shorts

You can style your shorts in winters without feeling cold. Yes, you read that right! Pair your shorts with the best top it matches with. Now simply wear black stockings beneath your shorts. And pair a cardigan or jacket in a stylish way so that your top is noticeable. Complete your look with high length boots or you can even go for ankle length boots and knee length socks in another color.

8. Little Dress Refashion

little dress fashion

We immensely love our dresses and always seek for occasions to wear them and dress up perfectly. But during winters, this is not always possible. But, you can wear your dresses in winters and still prevent yourself from freezing to death. All you need to do is refashion and wear your dress with your trouser or pants. Go for a jacket on top. This is a minimalistic look and would make you look like a million bucks if done right!

9. Maxi Skirts In Winters

maxi skirts refashion

We can’t go a day without being fully covered in winters. But we can be creative and try various stylish summer outfits in winters which help us in being warm and not look similar every day. Pair your pretty maxi skirts with shirts this winter. Leather jackets are obviously the best to pair with such outfits.

10. Re-Wear Short Skirts

short skirts

You can also wear a mini skirt with your favorite top in winters. You can also try crop sweaters instead of tops to keep the cold at bay. Complete your look with printed treggings or leggings with the skirt to get a preppy look. If you don’t want to go for the printed and loud lowers, switch to woolen stockings in nude or black color.

These were some simple and classy styles of wearing your summer outfits in winters. You can take inspiration and try these awesome styles for the Christmas and New Year parties.

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