#DIY Alert: How To Reuse Your Old Clothes

Hello, guys! I was recently cleaning my wardrobe and took out many old clothes, socks and stuff which are of no use to me any longer. I really didn’t wish to throw them as they still looked pretty. *Haha* Instead of trashing them, I thought of re-using them. Here are a few things I did with my waste material and you could do too!

  1. Restyle your clothes

Ripped Jeans

If you have an old pair of jeans you can either rip them using a pair of scissors or a knife/blade. Make it a sexy ripped jeans like never before. It’ll look amazing. Trust me! Another thing you can do is make a pair of shorts out of your old jeans. Sew on a patch, add embellishments, buttons and so on. The world is your oyster.

2. Make fabric accessories

Hair Bands

You can cut out fabrics and make little bows, rubber bands or hair bands from your old clothes too! Just take an old sock and cut out its ankle portion. Add some cutesie bows to it with remaining material and you could use it as a nice scrunchie!


3. Give your pets some protection from winters

Sweater for your pet

Don’t throw your sweaters in a bin. You can help your pets by making a cozy outfit of their size. Jackets, sweaters, blankies, you name it and you can have it. Just use a bit of your imagination and lots of pet love! Who knew knowing how to reuse your old clothes could be such a cute bonding exercise between you and your baby pet?!

4. Scented socks

Dry Flowers

Do not throw away your socks! I’m sure almost every woman owns a pair of transparent socks. Add some dried flowers to it. Tie your socks with a beautiful band on the top and hang it inside your room or washroom. You can add some drops of essential oil too for an added fragrance. Home-made pot pourri, anyone?

5. Crop it like you mean it

Crop top

A worn out t-shirt can be turned into a sexy crop top with fringes. All you need is a pair of scissors and a decent knowledge of how to reuse your old clothes! Cut the t-shirt from the bottom edge, going somewhere around the middle in thin strips. Next, knot the adjacent strips. Continue the process to achieve a mesh look. You could hang cute embellishments like sea shells at the edges of the strings for a bohemian vibe.

Ladies, go, get your DIY toolkit out. This winter season is all about knowing how to reuse your clothes and recycling!

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