The Right Way to Initiate your Daughter to First Bra

One of the most embarrassing phases all girls go through is primarily the pubertal age. It is quite rare for girls to readily embrace their increasing feminine aspect of their personality. While some find it difficult to cope with their bodily changes quite many are eager and look forward to the memorable once-in-a-lifetime event. Irrespective of how you accept, the change has to and will occur. Nonetheless, you could always be prepared to be more welcoming. One such event during this phase is the welcoming of your first bra. Not many remember the details of the “first bra ceremony” but most of them remember the feel of this event.

The Right Age for First Bra

The thumb rule is that there is no “right” or “wrong” age when it comes to wearing a first bra. Usually around 8-10 years is the age when a girl begins to see changes in her nipples and the surrounding breast tissue. This occurs due to estrogen. This hormone is responsible for the growth and another hormone progesterone is responsible for changes in texture of the breasts. Depending on various factors such as your daughter’s genes, her body structure, lifestyle, and other hormone related issues, the age of onset of breast growth and the size of it is decided. When you feel your daughter’s nipples are showing through her dresses or when slight protrusion is seen, it is a sign that she can now start wearing a bra.

The Right Way to Deal With Changes



There are these bunch of enthusiastic girly teens oh-so-ready to try on the first bra. There are also these bunch of tomboys who want to run a mile away when you talk of a bra. Either of the kinds are difficult for their mothers. Every mother has gone past that age and yet it is as much as a transition for them as much it is for their daughters. Although a lot of girls begin to understand and accept that growing of breasts is as natural as learning to talk or walk, for some it could be slightly challenging and it is the mother who should appropriately deal with it.

 If it is not yet time for your daughter to start off with a bra but insists on having one, talk it out and convince her that there is still some time for the endeavor. At the same time if it is time and she is not ready for the first bra, again, talk it out and convince why wearing a bra at that time is of paramount importance. There are chances her peers have already begun to wear a bra and her breasts might haven’t started to grow yet or her peers might have not yet started developing breasts and your daughter is quite ready for her first bra. Denying to buy her a bra or forcing one her is not just the solution. Always support your argument with a convincing answer, for, girls at their age are extremely curious.

The Right Kind of First Bra


Again, there is not right or wrong kind of bra that a girl should be initiated to. First bra should undeniably be just one thing – COMFORTABLE period. Your daughter has enough to deal with at that age. You could spare her the burden of an uncomfortable bra. It is quite an ordeal to find the right bra – first or otherwise. However, exploring is never a bad option. Try training your daughter with a simple sports bra or a camisole bra. They more or less feel like skin-hugging crop tops. While they get used to this idea both mentally and physically try initiating them to a bandeau. Their boobs might not yet be large enough to strain them with rigid straps or pokey underwires. Let them have the solace of a bandeau of a proper size so that their breasts have the necessary support yet there is no uneasiness or suffocation.    

Make your daughter’s transitions smooth if she finds it difficult and participate in the gala time she is having if she thinks growing up seems fun. Make her first bra story one she will want to remember all her life. Lay the right foundation and she will grow into a beautiful and graceful woman without having to deal with any downsides of this transition.


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