All You Need To Know About The Risks Of Wearing The Wrong Sized Bra

Aah! That sudden feeling of supreme pleasure you get after you take off your bra at night, ever wondered why? Chances are that you have been keeping your beasts squished all day in such a tight bra that those poor babies haven’t been able to catch a breath. Imagine being stuffed in a tight room with no air to breathe and the room is so small that your hands and feet are jutting out while your torso is inside. Painful, right? That’s how your breasts have been feeling all day in that super tight bra which you thought was making you look extra curvy. Imagine another scenario where you are bobbing up and down in space. That’s what your breasts are like when you wear a bra which is too big for you. Why commit the error of wearing wrong size bra when you can get a perfect size bra. You can save yourself not only from the embarrassment of your boobs showing but also from a multitude of health risks.

1. Know what’s perfect for you?

Wearing a bra that is not your size is yet another reason why your breasts suffocate and cry for help. The solution? Available online, a bra size calculator is your guide to dumping your old wrong size bra and buying one that is in your size and fits your breasts perfectly, leaving no gaps or squishing them. The purpose of the bra cup is to support your breasts and a wrong size one doesn’t serve that purpose at all. A perfect bra also has a band size that fits well at the back, is horizontal and at the same level at the back as it is in the front. Try out a simple home test of sliding two fingers underneath the bra band. If they don’t fit or more than two fingers go in, then, you certainly are wearing a wrong bra size.

2. It’s all in the cup

The cups are where your breasts stay for the longest hours of the day; this makes it all the way more important to get their size right. Loose cups make your breasts bouncy and leave you flustered in public. Also, they tend to get wrinkly; a sign visible from underneath sheer or soft fabric dresses. Wouldn’t you want a smooth rounder effect for your breasts? But if you’re wearing loose cups, they’ll stand in the way of getting that. Not providing enough support for your breasts for long can lead to saggy breasts and can even hamper the shape and growth of your breasts. A tight cup, on the other hand, leads to cup spillage, something that you wouldn’t want showing from underneath your dress. With a tight cup, you will be facing restrictive breathing all day long, making you feel as if you are about to get a stroke. The breast muscles are quite tender and a tight bra damages them, leading to chronic breast pain. Make sure it’s all in the cup and not out of it!

3. Band it

What’s in the band? You might wonder. Your band fitting both, tight and loose affects your bra fitting. A tight under band poses a whole host of health problems, not to mention the ugly back bulge, a loose band is not good either. Unlike what most women believe, it is the bands which gives the boost and lift to your breasts and gives an add-on support to your breasts. So get the right band size.

4. Strap them well

Don’t let them loose and don’t cage them too. Your ill-fitted strap not only hampers with your bra’s overall fitting but also adversely affects your body. You ask how? Tight straps mean ugly blisters on the shoulders with neck and shoulder pain that is sure to make you pop a painkiller. You can avoid all of this by adjusting your bra straps. If even after the adjustment you find the adjuster sitting almost atop your shoulder, it is time to change the straps if the rest of the bra is alright. A strap that is too loose will keep slipping off your shoulder and peeking out of your dress, till someone points out the faux pas to you.

5. Cutting into your height

Well, not literally. With a droopy bra, your breasts are pulled downwards and you along with it. It leads to a bad posture where you seem to be a little hunchbacked and look shorter.

6. Banish the aches

Bid farewell to those unbearable back, neck and shoulder woes caused by an ill-fitting bra. But how? Get a bra fits you well and not just because you like the style and color of it. An ill fitted bra causes reckless pain to let you know that you’ve not made a wise pick. The best way to avoid later regret is to get yourself fitted well and know your exact size before going out on a bra shopping spree.

If you are one of our busty or plus sized friends, then, a special few lines just for you. If you’re bosom heavy, then wearing a plunge bra, for instance, will more often than not cause spillage. A full coverage bra solves this problem for you with its wider straps and broader sideband. Remember, you are doing just a little more weight lifting than us and so, need a well-fitted bra to keep your breasts from sagging and spilling.

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