Rose Water: 7 Ways To Tackle Monsoon Skin Woes

You know you don’t love monsoon so much when your body is covered with sweat and the skin no longer feels supple. Monsoon season can take a serious toll over your skin and make it look worn out. But, with simple DIY methods, you can splash some rose water on your face in different ways and say hi to a skin as fresh as the first drop of rain!

1. Freshener For The Lazy Ones

Freshener for the lazy ones

If you are one of those girls that cannot even…then this one DIY method is just for you! All you need is cucumber water and rose water. Mix two teaspoons each and apply with a cotton pad over your face.

Quick Hack: You may fill a spray bottle with this half-half mixture and just spritz some over your face when it feels sticky and watch the grime disappear!

2. Natural Toner

natural toner

Uneven pores can damage even the most gorgeous make up look. Your foundation gets caught in those and don’t even get us started on the problems it creates with highlighter! Moreover, such pores can cause acne which you don’t want. Rose water acts as a natural toner and you can just apply it with a cotton pad over your face and see the results in a few days.

3. Remove Tan The Easier Way

remove tan the easier way


Unwanted tan can be a damp squib. The easiest ways in which you can freshen your skin and de-tan it is by using some tomato juice mixed with rose water. You may squeeze a fresh tomato in a bowl and add some rose water to it. Apply it onto your face. Leave it on for a nice 10 minutes and wash it off. You will have a super gorgeous skin!

4. Goodbye, Dark Patches!

remove tan the easier way

Having dark patches on an otherwise clear complexion can be plain annoying. But why fret when that little bottle of rose water can be the wonder product that you need! Take some orange peel and grind it; mix this with three to four teaspoons of yogurt and add two teaspoons of the soothing rose water. Apply this pack and leave it on for 10-15 minutes. Rinse with cold water.

5. Say No To Acne


Monsoon season often leaves your skin sticky which attracts all the dust and pollution. And thus germinate monsoon breakouts! You may deal with this with a quick DIY recipe. Take a bowl and add lime juice, glycerin and rose water in equal proportions and apply it with a cotton pad all over your face. Leave it on for a good 10 minutes and wash it off. This will not only help in removing acne but also give you a glowing skin.

6. The Good Old Mud Pack



The USP of rose water (apart from its myriad benefits, of course) is its calming fragrance. What if we combine it with another product that smells just as good?! Yes, we are talking about our all time favourite multani mitti or fuller’s earth. Prepare your mud pack just the same, except, add rose water instead of plain water to your multani mitti. Mix it well. Apply. And watch yourself get vanished into seventh heaven!

7. Fresh Face Mist

fresh face mist

For the girls on-the-go, rose water can be  God-send. Just have some rose water filled in a bottle. You may do that yourself or buy one that is available in the market easily. And just spray it over your face whenever you feel tired or worn out. It will freshen up your skin in no time and you can do this any where, any time!


For all the Monsoon Skin Woes, you can rely on the humble rose water and watch your skin glow! We highly recommend the Dabur Gulabari Rose Water. Its 100% natural formula is a relief in our skin care regime which is filled with harmful chemicals. Easily affordable at just Rs. 21 for a 60 mL bottle, this is one product you will never regret buying!

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