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Sassy Summer Wardrobe: Styling Guide And Essentials | Wonder Wardrobes

Sassy Summer Wardrobe: Styling Guide And Essentials

It’s finally summer and we can’t wait for the summer vacation and bask in the summer sun. However summer also means scorching heat, humidity and plenty of tanning. It’s the time to embrace neutrals and wear everything cotton. Nevertheless, summer also means staying fashionable always while you rock those long days at the beach with your girlfriends. Here is a guide of what you definitely must own this summer.

1. A Plain Cotton Tee

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A simple cotton t-shirt is definitely a must have. It can be worn with any pair of trousers, and cotton breathes air hence making sure the humidity doesn’t turn you into a walking ball of sweat.

2. A Tank Top

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Tank tops are perfect for when you need a quick outfit for a road trip with your friends. Wear a bandeau underneath it to look chic.

3. Romper

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A classic romper is always perfect to look a little dressy than usual, maybe for a date.

4. Dungarees

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A pair of dungarees is perfect if you plan on engaging in some adventure activities. They’re convenient and super cute. (And can be worn with the plain cotton tee!)

5. Floral Dress

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What is summer without a bit of floral? A floral dress will certainly bring out the summer spirit and c’mon they make everyone look fabulous. Owning one will definitely pay off!

6. Floral Skirt/ Shorts

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Pair it with a tank top to look effortlessly gorgeous!

7. Crop top

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Crop tops have been ruling the fashion industry lately and there’s no doubt that they’ll be ruling summer as well. Wear it over your floral shorts, or beneath your dungarees. You’ll look stunning.

8. A White Dress

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A white dress is absolutely essential. It can be worn for both; a dressy occasion as well as a casual one.

9. Denim Shorts

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No one would want to cover their legs in the heat, which is where the denim shorts come into play. They can be worn with a plain tee, a tank top, or a crop top, and you’ll still slay the look.

10. Tan sandals

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Tan is a colour that goes with anything. You can wear the flats with any of the above given outfits and pull it off.

11. Over-sized Tote

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This will help you carry all your essentials like your sunscreen, moisturizer, lip balm and shades.

Have a great summer, ladies!

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