Say hello to monsoon with these easy-to-go skin and health-care tips!!

Monsoon is back! So has arrived the time when you start worrying about the infections that could bump into your skin – anytime, any-day! It is that time of the year when your heart longs to dance to the melody of rains while you enjoy that hot cup of tea sitting by the window pane. What hits you the most is that fresh, earthy smell of the rain that makes you feel so good!

But along with this pleasing season comes the not-so-pleasing wrath of the rain gods that can be a hassle for your beauty efforts! Simply because a change in weather can do away with your skin, health and hair-care routine, you cannot totally be helpless about it. Rather you should keep in mind the following points which would help you tackle the harshness of this season.

1. Keep it simple:


We all fear the make-up being washed off our faces or the weather being too humid for it to stay on during the monsoons. A good way to beat these concerns is to make sure you keep it light! Minimalist make-up is the key to looking great this season. Water-proof light make up will be a better choice in rains than heavy cream based make ups.

2. Keep the skin moist not oily:


Use those products which can provide your texture with an instant coverage, avoiding those which leave your skin moist and greasy.  This would ensure you have spotless skin and make the rainy days enjoyable without having to compromise on both. Moisture content in skin is healthy but excess of it might turn it into oily skin leading to breakouts!

3. Cleanse your skin:


Be it your face or hair, it is essential to wash the impurities along with the excess oil away from your body. Clean your skin thoroughly with a body wash or a mild soap. But to protect the skin’s natural oils, use a non-soapy cleanser that ensures deep pore cleansing.

4. Gentle care to avoid skin damage :



moisture 2

The facial skin is very delicate, so rubbing it with a towel can cause hyper-pigmentation. Try to pat dry the skin to keep it soft and supple. Stay away from bath sponges, scrub brushes and wash clothes since they tend to dry up your skin. To keep hold of its moisture content, regular-moisturizing is a must, though with a gentle touch. Applying glycerin and rose-water mixture also works wonderful. For those with dry skin, use a combination of honey and milk with ground almonds.

5. Say NO to chemical cosmetics:






We often end up using products which lack the essential elements and rather have harsh ingredients in them. Though, more or less, every cosmetic has some amount of synthetic chemical, but a smart choice can be helpful in keeping the skin problems at bay by keeping it healthy and glowing. The cosmetics which form an essential part of a girl’s routine often take away the moisture content out of their skin. Therefore, go for the products which are herbal or the ones from reliable brands.
Likewise for the hair, any treatment could be harmful during monsoon since the hair is already dry and frizzy during rains and such products cause more dryness. Rather use a soothing hair serum after every wash, as it carries silicon, which adds instant shine to your hair. Serum is considered to be an anti-humidity product. Also, switch to washing your hair every alternate day after oiling it. This would keep your scalp clean and healthy.

6. Keep hair untied if wet:

Hairdresser salon. Woman during hair wash

If you’ve got wet hair due to rain, keep it untied. Rain causes humidity which leads to split-ends, foul smell and dandruff because rain water has chlorine in it. Switch to shampooing your hair when you’re back home and tie only when it’s dry. You do not want to let your Rapunzel mane go awry this monsoon.

7. Keep a check on health:





Monsoon is that time of the year when the immunity of our body is quite low. Therefore, there are chances for us to catch infections easily, causing innumerable diseases like indigestion, dysentery, typhoid and some common problems like the cold, cough, eye and skin problems like rashes, prickly heat boils, eczema and pimples. Moreover, humidity and dampness lead to fungal infections. So it’s better to wear comfortable cotton clothes which would keep skin dry and allow it to breathe in this rainy monsoon season. To avoid eye infections, don’t let rain water get into your eyes as this could cause irritation conjunctivitis, wateriness and redness in eyes.

8. Healthy diet:


A balance diet that’s light and healthy should be taken during monsoon. Food that has excess oil and spice content causes ulcer and upset-stomach. Junk and street food should also be avoided since there are chances of contamination. Opt for lighter and healthier diet. Go for vegetable soups which taste good and stay longer on your stomach. Have plenty of green leafy vegetables post steaming them. Add carrots, cucumbers, broccoli, pumpkin and fruits like mangoes, bananas, apples, pears, litchis etc to improve immunity and digestion.

9. Keep yourself hydrated:


Hydration is a must. Monsoon is the time when you do not really feel the urge to drink water often but your body tends to dry up soon because the moisture in the atmosphere prevents the body from releasing heat. It is therefore very important to carry a bottle of water every time, wherever you go. Avoid soft drinks because they significantly reduce the mineral levels in the body.


These are some of the basic skin and healthcare tips which can be followed during monsoon. This would also help you know the priorities of your body during this monsoon season so that you abide by the requirements every time, all the way!

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