Scarves We Are Lusting After

Any kind of outfit you wear,whether its Indian wear or Western wear, a scarf adds the required style factor. Many people think wearing a scarf ruins the look of the outfit, I disagree. A scarf if worn properly can create an impressive image. Most of the times the outfit that we wear can look a bit dull or monotonous, during such times the perfect accessory  to the rescue is a scarf. If you found a small wardrobe malfunction like – a plunging neckline displaying too much skin, or a button missing from your shirt and don’t have time to fix it, just wrap a scarf around your neck to cover that mishap 😀 . See,scarves are not so bad after all.Today, we at wonder wardrobes bring you most gorgeous and handsome scarves available at affordable prices.

Scarves For Women

Every women should posses scarves for every occasion. Let me tell you why, because a scarf can be worn with any outfit ranging from shorts and crop tops to Kurtis and leggings and what’s even better is that scarf apart from being a style statement it can also protect you from hot sun, rain and cold winter wind.Check out this scarves we are currently lusting after 😉 <3

1. Ammvi Creations Coral Red Scarf : 

Ammvi Creations Coral Red Scarf

Available on Amazon, this scarf comes in many colors and at a very affordable price. This is not just a simple scarf, it comes with a stunning neck pendant too. What’s best is it’s on sale!!! So, hurry up Ladies 😀

 2. Debenhams :

Debenhams scarf

The dazzling looking Chiffon material, gold color scarf is perfect for party wear.Pair it with a classic LBD and Gold Pumps and you are ready to rock 😉 It’s a bit costly but absolutely worth the price.



3. Eco Genes Scarf :

Eco Genes Women's Scarf


This casual looking scarf can be paired with any outfit, of any color. The scarf – available at a very reasonable price, with its trendy print is a must have.


4. Portia :

Portia Women's Scarf

Available in a leafy print, this scarf is just the thing you need to complete your look. This scarf can be worn with both western as well as Indian wear , but our opinion is its best suitable with western outfit to give you the Global-Desi look .

5.  Black & White Stripes : 

Black Viscose Striped Scarf

This Black Viscose Striped Scarf is ideal for formal wear and looks fabulous.

6. Bubbly Scarf : 

Noi Pritned Scarf

With it’s blue shade and bubble print, this scarf is perfect for summer wear. A floral print summer dress paired with cute bellies and Noi Printed Scarf will make you look adorable and stunning this summer.

Scarves For Men

Chuck Bass

I have seen many men who think scarves are women accessories only and men should not wear one.When you ask a man to wear a scarf, most of them give you a weird expression and brush you off. But, did you see Chuck Bass from the Gossip Girl , scarves were his style statements. There are lots of scarves designed for men which will give you the handsome and charming look.We can’t bring to your notice all the scarves available but we did bring to your notice a few note worthy ones 😉


Cotton Scarf :

Garg Cotton Scarf

This simple blue-black checkered scarf gives you quiet an edgy and rough look. It can be worn with casual look (Jeans and T-shirt).It is available at a very reasonable price of only rupees 50, isn’t that great?

2.   Lino Perros : 

Lino Perros Scarf

The woolen material keeps you warm and comfortable during winter and the red color gives you a dominant and sexy look ;

3.  Black Scarf : 

U.S. Polo

The scarf is designed by U.S. Polo and is ideal for formal wear as well as casual wear. This scarf is available in many different colors on Flipkart, check them out.

4.  Stripe Wool Scarf :

Paul Smith Scarf

A Paul Smith scarf. Though it is highly priced, the scarf goes perfectly well with your Oxford Shirts, suits, trench coats . Perfect for business meets.

Need an immediate fix for a wardrobe malfunction, grab a scarf.Need protection from the hot sun and cold winter breeze, pull a scarf around your neck.See, how important scarves are for both men and women. So, next time someone gifts you a scarf, gladly accept it. Scarves have the potential to make or break your look, so choose very carefully and enjoy your new look.

Let us know which ones are you looking to purchase from the above list, by commenting below 😀



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