#SelfLove: 5 Promises You Need To Make To Yourself This Promise Day!

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and most of us are probably caught up with finding the perfect way to woo the love of our lives. But is it even right to get all engrossed in loving someone else that you completely forget your own self? Definitely NO! Self love is the best form of love that has ever existed and we’ve got to swear by it, every single day of our lives. Specially ladies, when the world is a walk-in landmine given the ridiculous patriarchy that refuses to die, it’s time you make the most of your life by loving yourself first! On this Promise Day, why don’t you make some promises to yourself and then think about everybody else in the world!

1. I Promise To Make Myself A Priority

Ladies, you need to stop carrying the burden of the entire world on your strong shoulders! We know you can handle everything and anything but guess what? You don’t have to! Especially not by putting your life aside for somebody else. Make yourself a priority in your life. Don’t forget who you are and what your passions are, just for another person(s) in your life.

2. I Promise To Take Care Of Me

Repeat after me: “Self care is not selfish!” With the oh-so-amazing expectations of the society from a woman to take care of the entire household and her worklife and the entire freaking galaxy, us women often forget our own needs and desires. Take some time off for only yourself. Do whatever you like. Pamper yourself to a solo date. Self care doesn’t have to mean to only indulge in some spa sessions (though if you want to, do go ahead by all means with pride!), you could just stay all by yourself, have a nice cup of coffee, read a book, catch up with that old school friend, binge watch that TV series you’ve been delaying due to all the juggling between home and work. Just take care of your own mental health!

3. I Promise To Support Other Women Around Me

Thanks to shady popular culture around us, most of the people still believe that women hate women. But let’s not give in to that horrible narrative sewn by patriarchy to further its own motive of keeping women suppressed! Be your own allies, ladies. Help a woman around you. Give that girl who came wearing the same dress as you to the party a nice compliment. Uplift each other at your workplace and call out your baes and bros if they are horrible to another woman! It would be really stupid if we still don’t support each other

4. I Promise To Be Gentle On Myself

Yes, we all know that the world expects too much of us but babe, you’ve got to chill! Seriously. You can’t keep on being super harsh on yourself. No matter how horrible the advertising industry makes you feel about your body, know that you are beautiful and doing your best to become a successful woman! Make yourself this promise this Promise Day! Be gentle with yourself and treat yourself the way you treat others! You deserve it!

5. I Promise To Love Myself

This is the most important promise we want you to make to yourself today, tomorrow and every single day of your lives. As we said, self love is the best form of love that ever existed. It is easier said than done when our rishtedaars don’t bat an eyelid before getting into a monologue on our bodies and its “flaws”, but, girls, we’ve got to own our bodies like nobody’s business!

So, next time anybody annoys you with being too girly, not-too girly, too skinny, too fat, too dark, too pale and too just yourself, kill them with a pout! As Goddess Katrina said, “Kisi aur ki mujhko zarurat kya, main to khud pe pyaar jatau.” Be your own Valentine!

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