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When shopping you always find people wondering which shampoo to buy from the wide range available at the store. Almost every month a new shampoo product is launched into the market and choosing one suitable for your hair is a huge burden. I have seen many people who just pick up a random brand from the shampoo section, they either don’t have any idea as to what damage a wrong type of shampoo can do or they are too tired to go through all that, that is available.Never ever rush into buying a shampoo, because the wrong shampoo can damage your hair completely. If you want to try that new shampoo, instead of buying a huge bottle of it, buy a satchel and try.There are four types of hair – oily,dry,normal,combination hair. For every hair type there is a different shampoo. So which shampoo should you use in order to not damage your hair? To know, read on.

Oily Hair

Oily Hair                                 Greasy Hair

Oily hair is hair that feels sticky and greasy after a day or two,after head bath.Even weather plays a major rule in deciding your hair type, so take it into consideration. So, what shampoo to use for oily hair?

Pocket Friendly :


khadi abeers citrus shampoo

This product is a unisex product and is available at a very reasonable price of Rs.141 on flipkart. This shampoo is organic and apart from cleansing the scalp of excess oil and dirt, it also repairs damaged hair.


Pantene lively clean shampoo


The product is a non-organic one and cleanses the scalp of all the dirt and grime. It can easily be brought from any store as the brand is available almost every where.

Pricey :


Spa Ceylon luxury ayurveda sandalwood vetiver aromaveda hair Cleanser

This is an Ayurveda shampoo which gives your hair all the required proteins and repairs the damage the hair endures everyday. The price of this one is Rs.900.


Loreal professionel expert pure resource shampoo

Men and women can use it alike. Though the product is priced at a very high price of Rs.575, it is absolutely worth it. It’s not an organic one, but the brand it self is promising enough.

Dry Hair

Dry Hair                      Dry Hair Men


You have dry hairif after shower your hair dries up quickly and looks rough and frizzy. If you have dry hair it’s difficult to shampoo everyday, as shampooing everyday or thrice a week can make your hair further dry. People with dry hair have to choose their shampoo very wisely. We bring you some shampoos which we think are most suitable for dry hair.

Pocket Friendly :


khadi henna and tulsi extra conditioning shampoo


A herbal shampoo that moisturizes your dry and keeps it nourished.


Dove nourishing oil care shampoo

This shampoo has oil contents in it that prevent your hair from becoming dry after a shower, and it turns your dull, dry locks into shiny ones.

Pricey :


Forest Essentials hair cleanser mashobra honey vanilla

This Forrest Essentials hair cleanser is not easily available.


Toni & Guy Dry Hair Cleanse Shampoo


The Tony & Guy Dry Hair Cleanse Shampoo is available at all Tony & Guy hair saloons and on some online stores too. This particular shampoo does a really good job nourishing dry hair.

Normal Hair

Normal Hair                                Normal Hair men

Normal hair looks and feels good. Many people with normal hair make the mistake of using any shampoo and expect their hair to remain problem free. Wake up! even normal hair requires proper care. Proper care begins from using the right shampoo.

Pocket Friendly :


Khadi Woody Sandal and Honey Herbal Shampoo


Khadi Woody Sandal and Honey Herbal Shampoo is perfect for normal hair and it also removes dandruff from your hair.


Garnier Fructis normal care strengthening shampoo

The Garnier Fructis shampoos and conditioners are available at every store. You can easily find one at your nearest store. This shampoo is perfect for normal hair and for daily use.

Pricey :


John Masters Organics Lavender Rosemary Shampoo

John Masters Organics is a brand that is costly and is not available easily. The product is worth every penny. It keeps your hair frizz-free and healthy.


Wella Professionals


Wella Professionals is the perfect product for your hair. It is also applied for hair volumizing and it works great! Wella Professionals, check it out and read the reviews too.

Combination Hair

Combination Hair                     Combination Hair Men


Combination haired people have a mix of oily and dry hair. At a spot their hair may feel oily and at another spot it may feel dry. So, people with combination hair can shuffle with all the earlier mentioned shampoos. For few washes you can use shampoos mentioned for oily hair and for another few washes you can use hair cleansers for dry hair. This way you can maintain even, combination hair without any worries.

That’s all peeps 😉 Use a shampoo suitable for your hair type and never pick one, in haste. One more important thing, use a conditioner that is given for the shampoo you are using, by its company. Never ever mix up different shampoo and conditioner. Comment below your hair type and the shampoo you are using.

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