Shoes – A Woman’s best friend!

First there was Cinderella , then there was Carrie Bradshaw. In today’s fashion world shoes have to be more versatile than ever. Unless you stay home all the time, its likely that you have to wear shoes of some sort everyday.
The designers of the fashion world have responded with shoes for every occasion, even for those that don’t like to wear shoes. It’s easier to imagine a woman surviving without love, but without the perfect pair of shoes? No way!

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Age is no bar when it comes to shoes. Whether it’s a girl in her teens, or someone who’s just starting her job, or even a woman in her fifties – women are and should be very particular about the shoes they wear. I’m sure you all have heard a famous saying – shopping is the best alternative to get over an emotional heartbreak! Similarly shoes are the main ingredient in making a woman attractive. It is also rightly found out that the average woman falls in love 7 times a year and only 6 are with the shoes. However, just owning that perfect isn’t enough. Women should also know how to carry themselves!

Shoes are the defining piece that creates style. They make a fashion statement and add function to fashion.
They can make you feel like you’re floating in the clouds (super light and airy) or they can give a sexy twist to your look. Style is defined by every piece of the outfit, including the shoes.


Be it flats, heels, boots, ballets, sandals, clogs, platforms, wedges, strappy, buckled, lace-ups or peep-toes, women simply love all kinds of shoes! We all will agree on one thing – we feel our heart race when we look at that perfect pair, and feel a jolt of joy when we purchase and wear them for the first time. Shoes become the air we breathe, the food we eat! Yes! That’s how important they are to us! Sometimes I wonder how women survive with only one pair their entire lives! I have always loved fashion because it’s a great way to express your mood. And I for one am definitely a shoe lover! The right pair of shoes can change the feel of an outfit, and even change how a woman feels about herself. A woman can wear confidence on her feet with a high stiletto, or slip into weekend comfort with a soft ballet flat.It just depends on how we like to carry ourselves!


Sometimes when I think about the things I would scramble to grab if my house were on fire, and by now I’m sure you all know that it’s gonna be shoes! But I’m sure it’s not only me – I assure every woman, inspite of her age would think like that! No matter how superficial it sounds, you all know that we love spending our entire hard-earned money on the perfect pair! Haven’t you heard? Who run the world? Girls (with their heels)!



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