How to Shop for Clothes Online and Get a Perfect Fit

shop for clothes online

Shopping for clothes online has many advantages. You have thousands of stores at your fingertips and you can browse them whenever it suits you, be it day or night. The best deals are one click away. There is no waiting in fitting room queues for an eternity, and then again standing in another queue at the cash register. But buying clothes sight unseen does come with certain risks as well. First, the item you bought might not look exactly the same as on the photo. Secondly, you may end up with a new piece of clothing that just does not fit you. Although we cannot guarantee that you will never again have to return anything you bought online, here are a few tips for online shopping that will make that happen very rarely.

1. Choose the Right Retailers and Always Check the Sizing Charts


Before you even start browsing the online stores, get your proper measurements. Then you can continue shopping without the fear of wasting your money. Shopping by size can be tricky when there are no fitting rooms to try an item on. One retailer’s size 10 will fit you perfectly, while other retailer’s size 10 will be too small, or too big. Once you have your measurements, check the size charts that you can find on every retailer’s website. Choose those manufacturers that promise consistent measurements across all their labels and products. Then you will have to look at the size chart only the first time you shop and will not have to go through the same hassle every time.

2. Make Notes On Brands, Retailers, and Designers You’ve Bought Before


Once you have found a retailer that sells clothes that fit you, make sure you jot down their name. Keep track of all the items you bought, with the exact size, cut, style, and price, and make a note on how well it fits you. Next time you are on the lookout for a new bag, pair of shoes, or dress, you will already have a clear idea what sites to search at. Then size charts will not be as important because you will know from experience that although your measurements fit into size 12 according to the size chart, size 10 actually works much better for you.

3. Read Reviews


Before you become a seasoned online shopper, you will have to rely on other people’s experiences. Although we are all shaped differently, and opinions may vary, if three out of four people write a similar review of a certain product, you will probably find it to be true. If more than a few people write that size 10 is running small, better buy size 12. Always check the reviews before clicking the confirm button.

4. Stick to the Basics

Stick to the Basics

When shopping for clothing online, you might want to stick to basics, just to be on the safe side. They are usually made with flattering cuts for everyone and cost less than the latest fad items. It is also a good idea to browse sites that sell pre-owned clothes. For example, is a place where you can find high quality clothes online for peanuts. They have additional clearance in February, so you might want to check it out.

5. Know the Return Policy

Easy returns and refunds

Unfortunately, you will not become immune to mistakes after reading these tips. There will come a day when you will receive the long-awaited package only to realize that you have to return it. Hence, it is crucial to always read and understand return policy before you complete a purchase.

How often do you shop online?

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