10 Simple Mehndi Designs Every Girl Must Try

Nowadays, henna has become an essential part of every occasion. One should not pick up a random design out of the blue. You have to weigh things to arrive at a good decision.

I know chicks, you are bored with the traditional mehndi designs which have gone out of style and want something creative and unique which can make you look different from others.

To help you do this with ease, here are some henna finger designs which can be accompanied with a traditional as well as a western look!

Italian Mehndi Design

italian mehndi design

This design is really a unique one. The sides of the hand are covered with it. It has   interconnected diamond-shaped figures along with some flower patterns. Most part of the hand is covered with it and thus looks amazing.

Feather Love

feather design

If you are one of them who love to wear feathers may it be your feather earrings or your feather pendants, this feather henna design is especially for you. It can be accompanied with any of your feather accessories and give you a perfect look.

Jewelry Design

jewelry design

With this kind of a design you don’t need to wear any extra accessories. It looks trendy and the design covers only the back portion of the hands. It’ll go with every outfit.

Ring design

ring design

This design is really a simple as well as a beautiful one. If you don’t have much time you can go for this one. It looks best with red nail paint. It gives the look of a ring and makes you really different from the rest of the folk.

Side Design

side design

Designing is just not on fingers, you can even cover the sides of fingers. It looks amazing on every occasion and so is trendy too. Any nude shade nail paint will go with this design.

Handcuff Design

hand cuff design

Love to wear handcuff? This will give you a perfect handcuff pattern for your hands.  You don’t need to wear any hand accessories with this design.

Trendy Design

trendy design

This design can be tried with black dyed henna. If you aren’t fond of mehndi designs but want something for a particular occasion, can have a good try on this and make an occasion memorable. You can make it look even more trendy with metallic rings!

Simple yet beautiful

simple yet beautiful

This kind of a design covers the thumb and index finger. It looks beautiful with light shades of nail paints.

Patch Design

ring finger patch design

If you wanna go for a simple design on the ring finger, this patch design is the best one. It will go with every outfit and is easy to make.

Mid Finger designs

Mid fingers design

Such a design on the mid of every finger looks attractive. With this a watch will do. It looks unique and will set you apart from the crowd. It follows the same pattern on each finger and will look beautiful on western outfits as well.


So these are the designs for you mademoiselle who want to be special in some way or the other! You can share your own designs with us. Which one is your favorite?



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