Skin Care for Brides

Finally the day you were waiting for has come and it’s time for you to live your entire life with your prince charming . And who does not want to look best on this special day? But it is not a magic world and you have to take care of yourself especially your skin, darling! So, to be the princess, keep these tips in mind and start following  them ASAP –


green tea Starting your day with some exercise and green tea not only helps to reduce weight but also reduces acne and helps you get a glowing skin. The antioxidants found in green tea helps you get a perfect body and radiate your skin.


drinking water Water is your best friend -Drink minimum 2 liters of water daily . There are so many benefits of water like it helps to cut down weight, it fights infection, clears your skin, improves digestion and also boosts up your energy.


face pack Unless you’re blessed with amazing skin genetically, you have to put in an effort to get flawless, radiant skin. Get all the dirt out and pamper your face like a little baby . It needs uber-attention so that’s why you should get regular clean ups and required facials.

SPF 50

sunscreen You do not want to look tanned on this day for sure, right?  So, take a little precaution before going out. Apply sunscreen with SPF 50 on your body, even the lips so that you don’t have to apply that super extra makeup which can spoil your wedding pictures.


nails Your skin needs to be hydrated and soft . Apply a lot of moisturizer daily to get that perfect skin. Find that one lotion which suits you the best.


no! We often hear many suggestions from relatives regarding the best makeup product which they use or might have heard of. But hey listen, do not experiment with anything. Before trying anything, just check that the following product is suiting your skin by doing a patch test, else you are going to regret.


be-happy And this may seem to be useless to you but it is not. Stress and tension lead to a sad skin and you definitely don’t want to trouble your skin at this time, right? Try to smile as much as you can and look beautiful. Yoga and meditation will help you because after all, this is the curve which looks the best on a lady. Just follow these steps and you will see the difference, love yourself and take care of your body and make everyone drool 😉

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