Skin, hair and other benefits of mango


Mangoes are loved by all. They are fresh and juicy and of course, my favorite. This amazing fruit has a number of skin and hair benefits. Want to know about it? Then, let’s read it here.

Skin benefits –


Mango is a great source of Vitamin C which is one of the major necessities for healthy and glowing skin. It is also used in a number of face masks and scrubs due to the antioxidants it possesses.

1) Treats Blackheads –

Mix a teaspoon of mango pulp with half teaspoon of milk and honey and prepare a scrub. Apply it all over your face and rub it in circular motion. This scrub will remove blackheads and dead skin from your face. And there will be your glowing face!

2) Better skin –

The skin of mango is great for de-tanning. Use the skin of a raw/ripe mango on your tanned parts at least twice a week, wash it off after 10 mins with cold water and see the change. Also regular consumption of mango provides with a de-tanned and softer skin.

3) Acts as a great cleanser –

Add a teaspoon of wheat flour to mango pulp. Apply it on your face and leave it for 15 mins. It acts as a perfect cleanser as it reaches the pores and cleans them from within.

4) Anti-ageing –

Mangoes delay the skin ageing process and pigmentation with the help of anti-oxidants present in them. They protect the skin from radicals which can cause skin cancer.

Hair benefits –

Mango nourishes our hair and helps in hair growth due to the amount of vitamins and minerals it possesses.

1) Treats dandruff –

Vitamin A is present in most of the hair moisturizers which is also present in mangoes. So, it helps fight dandruff and add shine to the hair. Vitamin E present in the mangoes improves scalp’s blood circulation which eventually promotes hair growth.

2) Acts as a conditioner –

Mix mango pulp with yogurt and 2 egg yolks. Apply this onto your hair and leave for half an hour. This home made conditioner will condition your hair by making it soft.

3) Prevents hair-loss –

High amounts of vitamins and minerals are present in mangoes. The mango seed oil helps prevent hair loss.

Other benefits :


1) Mangoes help prevent breast cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer and leukemia.

2) Mangoes contain high amount of vitamin C and many varieties of carotenoids which build a strong immune system.

3) They control homocystiene levels of blood which helps prevent strokes.

4) The high level of vitamin A helps protect eye sight.

5) Mangoes contain elements like tartaric acid, malic acid, citric acid which helps maintain alkaline balance in the body.


Keep having mangoes.

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