Skincare 911: 4 Common Problems Solved

Skincare 911- 4 Common Problems Solved

Skincare is indeed an extremely important part of our lives. You have got only one body, so it is crucial to take care of it and treat it with respect. Solving problems with your skin is not an easy task, but it can certainly be accomplished. Here are some common problems related to skin care and the best solutions for them. Check out our list and learn how to treat your skin properly.

1. Tired Eyes

Tired Eyes

It is not unknown that the first signs of aging show up around eyes. Once you reach 30, there is no way back – your cheeks will start to deflate so the dark circles under your eyes become more visible. Also, the skin around them becomes so thin that is prone to aging due to exposure to sun. Squinting is your worst enemy, because it causes lines which break down the natural elasticity of your skin. You can solve this problem by wearing UV-protective sunglasses and applying an eye cream before bedtime. I recommend Clarins Eye Revive Beauty Flash which moisturizes and repairs the skin under the eyes.

2. Sun-Induced Hyperpigmentation

Sun-Induced Hyperpigmentation

Another sign of aging is most certainly sun-induced hyperpigmentation – appearance of freckles on your skin. For those with fair skin complexion, the best prevention is definitely sunscreen. Long-sleeved shirts and light pants are required, even in hot summer days. Even home-made masks and creams can be useful. Here’s an extra tip: try the lemon juice! However, if you want those dark spots to be removed, consult with your dermatologist. He may recommend you a chemical peel or a laser treatment that will provide their permanent removal.

3. Small wrinkles

Small wrinkles


Pay attention when your pores start getting bigger and bigger – because true wrinkles are the following step in the process of aging. People with oily skin are prone to stretched pores more than others, simply because natural oil in combination with pollution and makeup can significantly stretch them out. This is why you should take care of your skin by cleansing it on a daily basis, so that your pores don’t hold as much as they would usually hold. Face scrubs and creams based on salicylic acid will get rid of the excessive oil and contribute to their shrinking. However, there are more drastic solutions for this problem. There are enzyme facials and laser procedures that vacuum out your pores and kill bacteria.

4. Calcium Deficiency Problems

Calcium Deficiency Problems

Dietary calcium deficiency can occur with individuals who are not getting enough calcium intake through their daily nutrition or calcium supplement intake. What happens is that the natural calcium storage within the bones becomes exhausted, so the bones begin to waken and thin at an alarming rate. This deficiency can lead to osteoporosis, a disease of the bones that triggers bone degeneration and other serious concerns. In order to solve this problems, increase your calcium intake through appropriate diet or supplements.

As you can see, there is a wide range of solutions to your problems with skin. Of course, beginning with the least aggressive procedures and products is a key to success. However, having in mind that this is not always helpful, it would be great for you to have an ace up your sleeve. Make an appointment with a cosmetic or plastic surgeon, who will offer you the best option for you. Some treatments will definitely give amazing results when performed by trained professionals.

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