Skincare essentials that women need but tend to ignore.

You must have heard that Cleansing and Moisturizing are two simple steps for a healthy skin. And there’s sunscreen which has unlimited benefits, so much that it should be religiously applied daily. However, for a healthy and flawless skin, there are several other essentials which you MUST incorporate in your daily skincare routine.

Here’s a list

Face Toner

A toner can be your secret weapon to healthy skin. After you cleanse your face every morning, applying toner not only provides additional cleansing but also preps your skin for further moisturization. Toners ensure that dust and chemicals used in makeup do not further penetrate into your skin by closing open pores hereby ensuring oil control and acne free skin. It also refreshes your skin restores its Ph balance. Toners containing glycolic acid or other alpha hydroxy acids can help to prevent ingrown hairs, so it also aids in grooming. There is a range of toners available in the market to choose from depending on your skin type. Alcohol-free toners are light and do not cause extra damage to your skin hence work well for sensitive skin types. If you do not wish to purchase a toner you can also soak a cotton ball in green tea and dab it on your skin to give it a toning effect.

Night Cream

We all know how important it is to wash your face and remove all makeup before you sleep. This is to ensure that your skin is relaxed, and pores can breathe free. However, even at night the importance of hydrating your skin cannot be undermined. Night creams boost the collagen in your skin preventing it from losing its elasticity. It enhances blood circulation, reduces wrinkles and prevents your skin from sagging. Further, it renews the face cells and prevents the tissues from being damaged. While buying night cream make sure that it contains essential ingredients like antioxidants, peptides, vitamins A, C and E, essential oils such as olive or almond oil and moisturizing ingredients like honey, shea butter.

Under Eye cream

Some people dismiss eye creams as expensive moisturizers in small packages, but your eye cream could be a small box of miracles depending on how you use it. We often tend to take good care of our face and ignore the skin around the eyes which is actually more fragile, hence requires extra care. The constant movement of the eyes the appearance of lines and wrinkles, and fluids collect under the eyes and cause puffiness and dark circles. It is only when we see these signs, panic starts to hit, and we start looking for remedies. Regular application of eye creams not only prevents these issues but also addresses them. Always look for eye creams with a high vitamin E content and store them in the refrigerator as the content eye creams tend to work well if they are kept at a lower temperature

Lip scrub

Lips also happen to be one of the most ignored parts of the face. While most of us swear by lip balms and buy expensive lipsticks we forget one very important step in maintaining healthy lips. EXFOLIATION.

Our lips tend to become flaky and chapped over a period of time due to an accumulation of dead skin cells and no amount of moisturization can cure that. Lip scrubs come in handy here, they not only exfoliate the dead skin but also remove the pigmentation caused on your lips by suntan. Regular exfoliation also ensures that your lips remain supple and your gorgeous lipsticks do not settle within the fine lines of your lips. Although a variety of lip scrubs are available in the market, the best way to exfoliate your lips is using your toothbrush while brushing your teeth in the morning with a toothpaste. You can also your DIY scrubs made from ingredients found in your kitchen like sugar and lemon juice.

Hand and foot cream

The skin on your hand is extremely thin yet highly exposed to the environment making it dry and dehydrated. Water is naturally drying for the skin therefore your regular chores can make your Hands dry, cracked and painful. Using a hand cream is the best way to repair and restore damaged hands, ensuring that they not only look younger but feel softer too. Further, if our feet do not get the attention they deserve it might lead to fungal infection, dry skin and cracked heels. This is where foot creams come to the rescue. In addition to your pedicure routines at the spa, foot creams need to be used daily for maintaining soft and supple feet. You may use a variety of options available in the market or substitute them with antiseptic creams mixed with petroleum jelly.


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