Skincare Shopping Haul: Facial Masks with Review

Too much overdose of me? Yeah? Alright, so I have another delight for your eyes and this time around there is some food for thought too. Most of these were picked up from Watsons store in Hong Kong for I guess around 10- 15 HKD each. (I don’t remember exactly, can be slightly more of less). The Boots No 7 Masks were a gift from a loved one and the Foot Salt was picked up from H&M Hong Kong (the woes of International Travel … too much walking :(). Since it’s been a while that I’ve picked these masks ( I picked triple in quantity) and I’ve used from each of them, I have my reviews to share.


My Beauty Diary Black Pearl Masks

The Skincare and makeup junkie that I am, I make it a point to research a lot before I finalize onto what I want to bring from a certain place. ( I can however never keep my hands to myself in South East Asian countries where there’s Watsons to spoil me mad without burning too many holes in dad’s pockets). I just knew I had to get these Black pearl masks and I got an entire lot of them.

My experience with them has been good by far. It definitely helps clean up your face and reduces the patchy appearance of skin. I’d say it is almost like reversing sun damage. You cannot expect an INR 100 mask to work a miracle, but it is definitely my 15 minute trick to better skin at a party. What it does best to my skin is to even out the complexion and hydrate the skin enough to not let makeup flake off. I won’t say it brightens or whitens by skin too much, but that would be too much to expect. I was mightily satisfied with what I got.

Watsons Antioxidant and Moisturising Facial Masks with Lycopene and Ginkgo extracts

I bought these mostly because they had tomatoes on the packing and I’ve heard about the wonders tomatoes can do to your skin (including removing tan which you can’t not get if you visit Hong Kong Disneyland in July). It moisturised my skin, alright, but it stung when I left it on initially. I almost decided to throw it off in fear of breaking out and spoiling pictures for the rest of the trip. However, since best of the trip was done, I thought I’d take the risk. I did not break out (thankfully) but the hydration was hardly  enough for my slightly dry skin. Also, the anti oxidants I can’t really talk about since I don’t have mature skin. It didn’t help me one bit to remove the tan either. Honestly, I was expecting more from this mask.

Watsons Revitalizing and Moisturizing Facial Masks with Rose Water and Natural Plant Extracts

The first thing I loved about this mask even before I took it out of the packaging had to be the fragrance. I am a sucker for everything that smells rose. This mask was honestly the best of the lot (with 4 more mask reviews to go). It provided my skin just the right amount of hydration which would immediately make my skin appear fresh and flushed in a shade of pink. I looked as fresh as dew with instantly brightened skin which also provided a great base for makeup. I thought the mask was pretty cooling thereby helping my makeup stay for longer. This mask is a definite buy for everyone with skin which is normal, slightly dry or borderline oily

These are 4 more mask reviews to go, which I think would be in my next post because I am yet to try one tonight.

So till then, write to us at to contribute your fashion tips, styles, looks and anything you want to say to us. We’d also wait for your mask suggestions and how these fared with you.

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