Spice Up Your Everyday Look!

The same day. The same books. The same boring routine. The same clothes. Is there no end to it?


Looking your best matters a lot because when you look your best, you feel home, you tend to put your best step forward in anything you do. You feel alive better than ever. The best part is you feel you!

Fashion is not just some art of  concocting trends. It’s life. It’s a world of its own. You live it. Fashion lives within everyone. Add a tinge of your individuality to your normal everyday style and concoct your own identity.

Well here is a compilation of styles bric-a-brac to jazz up your everyday outfit by few notches up.

( P.S : Guaranteed to be a show stealer in your normal day. )

Pastel Perfect


Pastel is not just some art medium. It is a symbol. Symbol of elegance and charm. The pale, pretty colours go perfect with any skin tone.  No matter how formal or boyish your attire is, pastel adds an ever lasting fragrance of femininity.

Daringly Denim


Who doesn’t love it? Over the years, fashion has evolved, so has the simple and humble denim. Camisoles, tops, hoods, cardigans- you name it, you get it. The amazing thing about denim is that it can simply transform your normal outfit into an ultra chic and cool denim experience. Nope, don’t just imagine it. Feel it.

Playful Plaid


At one glance of the fabric, you may be like “Oh what the hell, it is so not it”. Well, news flash: it is so It. Nothing shouts “Hello people, I’m running the show today” like plaid. The interwoven stripes enhance your normal day look and believe me when I say, it boosts your confidence better than ever.

Naughty Nautical


Basically speaking, it is sailor fashion. Breton stripes, rouge, blue, anchor print rule this style. It gives you the bold, confident and determinant look. Bow ties, flap-front pants, pea-coats, peaked caps leave traces of nautical style in your outfit. Alternate bright and darker shades can give the resolute look.

Bonus Bling

Strictly restricted only to accessories! You simply don’t want to end up like a party girl at your workplace/institution. Acessories range from hair pins, ear rings, necklaces to bracelets. Beware: Don’t add too much bling like you’re hitting the disco and best way is to minimise its usage. The occasional shimmer amps your outfit in a simple manner.


Hair pins


can be either worn like single pieces. The design and the type of stone matters more than you think. The single pins give a scattered pretty look but for a bolder statement, I suggest a barette.


Statement ear pieces range from the plain metallic ones to gothic to the ultimate bling factor. The cuff depends upon your choice because the different style of each piece can bring a different outlook when worn.


Tribal chunky necklaces work best with informal outfits. Gold pairs best with everything formal. Pearl is a must-have. It goes with everything! Versatile much.

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Simple gold to designer laced cuffs work with any outfit, but if you’re more into customised accessories, go for the charm bracelet. Nothing beats its charm. *Pun intended* Strapping two or three bracelets to your hand also gives a chunky look.


So, what are you waiting for ? Rampage your wardrobes and let your minds run wild.


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